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Yukimura Sanada (真田 幸村, 1567 (Eiroku 10) - 1615 (Keicho 20)) was a samurai from the Sengoku Period. He appears in the fiction Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle and is the commander of the Sanada Ten Braves. His real name is Nobushige Sanada (真田 信繁).



Yukimura is portrayed as "tender" in Seishin; according to his older brother Nobuyuki, Yukimura was patient and gentle, while quiet and rarely angered[1]. His image is set apart from a brave military commander. The "beau sabreur" portrayal from video games is many; thus, Yukimura occasionally shows his undaunted side.


  • Yukimura was the second son of Sanada Masayuki, then head of Sanada family that served under the Takeda.
  • Some sources say that he died in 1641 (Kan'ei 18), having fled to Satsuma after his defeat in the Siege of Osaka. The Shimazu family (島津家), which resides in Satsuma, assisted him.


Hakuunsai Tozawa
An adviser.
Saizo Kirigakure
One of the Brave Ten.
Sasuke Sarutobi
One of the Brave Ten. First worked for Takeda Family; trained under Tozawa.

Media Appearances

  • Sengoku BASARA (戦国BASARA) & Sengoku Musō (戦国無双): Action games from Capcom and Koei respectively. Yukimura is depicted as a person with a lot of fighting zeal and wholly devoted to Shingen Takeda.
  • SAMURAI DEEPER KYO: A renowed general that is aloof; so beautiful that he is mistaken for a woman.


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