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4'11" (150cm)


131 lbs (59.2kg)

Titles/Known for

Kido Family member

Yoshizō Kōdanguchi (鋼炎口 吉三, こうだんぐち よしぞう), nicknamed Yoshi (吉) by his close friends, is a fictional ninja of the Kido Family. Adult name is unknown. Is sometimes called Yoshi Kido (城戸 吉).

Creation and Concept

The concept theme of Yoshi is "believe in yourself despite what others say or how you look".

Formerly known as Yoshi Higada (hi meaning "fire") and Yoshizo Tanguchi, Yoshi is one of the first characters designed for the series. He is created as a close friend of Shoutarou. The name turned out to be against the usual culture customs, and MGW became indecisive on what to name the character. She still wanted to keep the name "Yoshi", but the surname ended up being based on the family's specialty (for popularity). The surname Kodanguchi means "Steel flame gate".

Like Shoutarou, Yoshi is created as a conflict youth. He has a figure unlike the others and has to deal with being bullied at a young age because people were unsure if his ninja training would turn out well. Later on, he ended up becoming a relative of Kido family and both a firearms specialist and a weapon designer.


A pudgy boy with a cheery personality. Suffers the stereotype of being bullied because of his oblong face, chubby body, and clumsiness. He wears a topknot; a skilled arquebus user.




  • Ninjutsu - 2
  • Knowledge - 2
  • Battle Ability - 2
  • Heart – 2
  • Craftsmanship – 3
  • Marksmanship – 4
Chimon Grade Skill ~ Hakkakōte
(発火甲手) Born from a metal-welding family, Yoshizo has developed a pyrophoric-like ability that makes him well known in Iga. Chimon (地門) literally means "Earth Gate". The name of the skill is derived from hakkagoukin (発火合金; explosive alloy), which is the friction of flint (or another alloy) to cause sparks to fly, or like with using ferrocerium. That is called pyrophoricity (自然発火性物質; shizenhakkasei busshitsu; spontaneous explosive material).
Use of Kaki
Kaki (火器) are "fire tools" and are utilized in Katon (火遁) and Kyakujutsu (火薬術). Yoshizo is skilled in the arqubus, explosive shuriken (ka shuriken), and the Kaya (or fire arrow). This makes him spread chaos, therefore dangerous.


Yazaemon Kido
Yazaeburo Kido
Yoshi's father, who is Yazaemon's younger brother.