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Yokojin Sogatome (妖狐神 蘇我桐女) is a fictional character of Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


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June 2014. Was created to be the "wife of Kotaro". MGW imagined a matchless beautiful woman who was craved by Kotaro, leading to the ideas that the woman become the wife of all five generations of Kotaro and even "a sorceress". The symbols of bewitching and cunning are often associated with foxes, and MGW thought of making Soga a "creature" monopolizing Kotaro. Or rather, they are both for each other.

Yokojin (妖狐神) is a title created to attach Soga to the kitsune kami.


Sogatome become attracted to Kotaro by his pursuit for power and survival in Sengoku.


The Soga were very significant in the development of Japan and its Imperial Court. Relative of Umako Soga (蘇我 馬子); therefore, sister to Emishi (蘇我 蝦) and Kuramaro's mother. After her execution, she haunted the world as a ghost. Because of the betrayal, she torments the Japanese.