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Earth Birthday (Zodiac)

February 7 (Aquarius)


178.2cm (5'10") / N.A


Deva Dynasty (Emperor)




Earnest devotee (真面目一辺倒) to his ideals and faith, strong-willed (断固とした)

Yang (Mandarian Chinese: 暘; pinyin: yáng; Wade-Giles: yang; Japanese Katakana: ヤン) is the main antagonist of the mecha fiction Heroic Blaze SolAka.

Creation and Concept

For the main antagonist, MGW was looking for a name that reflected power or ambitious dreams. "Yang" means the "rising sun", which can refer to Japan from Western depictions. Yang's original age was "299, closing in on 300", but MGW had trouble deciding on the alien age system for both Shirei and Shenbu, thinking that having an average one thousand years lifespan was pushing it. Yang is the Emperor's last name.

Yang's hair is given a violet pigment because of the color's divine and spiritual connection. The Chinese word zi (紫) is connected to the emperor's palace (紫微; zi wei), and the Purple Forbidden Enclosure (紫微; zi wei) star group. In Chinese astrology, the north star was considered the home of the Celestial Emperor (aka: Jade Emperor). In most robot shows, the main antagonist isn't "human-like" or "pretty", but MGW wanted a charismatic character to go along with his desire.


Yang is the 42nd Emperor of the Deva Dynasty, the current ruling Monarch of Planet Shenbu. He looks to be a man nearing forty, with long hair of a dark purple shade. He ascended the throne after the death of his father during the Shenbu War. he is said to be a person of "natural charm", Yang is patient and desires the welfare of his planet. He shows esteem towards others who support and respect him.

Story Overview

In an desperate act to save his planet, Yang spurred his Dynasty and hte forces of Shinrei to invade Earth. He is also responsible for conquering Shirei's central base.


The Shitennō (Indra, Yami, Aditi, Aryaman)
His most devoted Generals that lead his military and are subservient lords from cardinal directions.
Yan Hsienlong
Yang Clan (Yuehliang, Shenpeng, Jinghua, father)
(暘氏) Most notable names are his brother, son, wife and father.
The Soratoga Family ( Hiori, Tobuhime, Hoyasu)

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