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A story from the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle series. Title is unofficial.



MGW was interested in the conspiracy behind Ieyasu Tokugawa's wife Tsukiyama, his eldest son Nobuyasu, and his daughter-in-law Tokuhime (wife of his son Nobuyasu and the daughter of Nobunaga Oda). Might be an event preceding Iga Tenshō no Ran. MGW also wanted to show Oda's fearful temper.

Story Synopsis

Takes place in 1579. Nobuyasu is deeply in love with his first wife; they are the reason behind the new alliance between Oda and Tokugawa, but its Ieyasu's tenacity to keep the alliance that causes problems.

In the prologue, a devil rebukes another devil that cries.


Ieyasu Tokugawa
The Daimyo of Mikawa Province. To ally with Oda, his young son married Nobunaga's daughter. He is 36 years old.
Nobunaga Oda
Daimyo from Owari Province.
Nobuyasu Tokugawa
(松平信康) First son of Ieyasu. Born 1559. A bit reckless, he loves his wife Tokuhime.
Hanzo Hattori (II)
Commander of Iga ninja and Mikawa forces. Was issued execution of Nobuyasu by Oda.
(築山殿) Ieyasu's wife; Nobuyasu's mother. She is from ruined Imagawa lineage. With Toku and Nobu's marriage, Tsukiyama becomes Toku's mother-in-law to assure a stable relationship. She is accused with conspiring with the Takeda Family (in Seishin, the Koga Ninja are involved). Her hatred of Oda is hidden.
(徳姫) Daughter of Nobunaga Oda. At a young age, about 4 - 6 range, she married Nobuyasu. She sent a letter to Nobunaga to raise suspicions about Tsukiyama, who she carries bitter resent for. (B.1559)
Kizaru and Kozaru Shimotsuge
Asked to retrieve Nobuyasu to put him on house arrest before he causes a reckless act.
Kai Shimoyama
A loyal Iga that wishes to protect the Oda-Okugawa alliance. He may be the one to land the killing blow to Tsukiyama while following Ieyasu's vassals.

Shigemasa Nonaka and Tokinaka Okamoto
(野中 重政 & 岡本 時仲) Vassals of Ieyasu. They encounter Tsukiyama at Koyobu Village.
Tanba Momochi



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