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About Master Gray Wolf

A female aspiring online writer born and raised in Michigan. My first online fanfiction I think was about Pokémon. Later on, I would get introduced to the anime/game Monster Rancher and would develop a fan-series in which I am still working on. I upload works on both and

About Name

Named after a favorite character of mine from the anime/game "Monster Rancher". In Japanese, his name is 『ギンギライガー』 or "gingiraiga" (Silver Raiga); "Raiga" is Tiger in Japanese by the way. In the anime, he is the younger brother of Tiger/Raiga and is one of the Big BAD FOUR (english version) or 『ワルモン四天王』 (Japanese version; warumon shintenou OR Evil Mon Four Devas/Heavely Kings). hooray for dictionary. Gray Wolf is voiced by Scott McNeil in the english version and Nakamura Daiki in Japanese version.


  • Zodiac: Sagittarius (astrology)
  • Character: Intellectual virtue type
  • A Disc Jockey and talk radio personality enthusiasist
  • Likes dogs, music, seiyū, role playing game, research, driving, etc
  • Favorite Comic Book Character: Spiderman, Batman, X-Men|Wolverine.
  • Favorite Color: Blue, Red, Green
  • Favorite Video Game Console: Sega Mega Drive, NES
  • Favorite Video game character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda|Link, Super Mario Brothers|Mario, Yoshi, Megaman (Rockman), Sparkster


Howl of Gray Wolf 2009 version (status - In progress)
Monster Rancher/Farm. Also called HoGW. A vengeful Gray Wolf and his little brother goes against a powerful evil revived from the past. Undergoing a remake since Fall 2009.
Tiger of Freedom (status - HIATUS)
Monster Rancher/Farm. Sequel to Howl of Gray Wolf that revolves around the adventures of Tiger. Currently on hiatus while MGW works on the HoGW remake. It will also undergo a remake. Also called TOF.
Road to Hokage Spirit (Status - Completed)
NARUTO. A poem about Konohamaru and his aim.
Mouroutaru (status - Completed)
Shinobi game series. From 朦朧たる (mōrō ta ru), meaning to obscure / dim / vague (adj). A one-shot about Hotsuma of the Oboro clan and his battles against the Hellspawn.
Cold Woman (status - Completed)
Legend of Dragoon. Poem from Shana's POV. END GAME SPOILERS.
Zeke's Vacation Buddy (status - Completed)
ZOIDS Guardian Force/Chaotic Century. G-rated rumor/romance fic inspired by the episode "Emperor's Vacation".
PokeBells (status - Completed)
POKEMON. A small parody of Jingle Bells.
PokeFighters (status - Under development. Will be in Pre-Production in 2010)
POKEMON. An old fic series returns.

Heroic Blaze SolAka (status - In progress)
A homage to Japanese Super mecha and the Four Beasts
Seishin (Pure Heart) Chronicles (status - HIATUS)
Seishin (清心) is a historical fiction about the popular ninja families. It has been put on hiatus since Nov 2009.