Ueno Family

The Ueno (上野氏) was an Iga family.


Record found so far is one of the Eleven Ninja, Ueno no Hidari (上野ノ左). There doesn't seem to be much else about him except where he lived, Ueno Village. Not even info on his ninjutsu. Hidari lived near Heirakuji, which would eventually become the Iga-Ueno Castle in the 17th century. The Ueno are called a dogō (土豪)[1] or a powerful local clan. May have existed since 14th century.

In Seishin

They appear in Seishin (Pure Heart) as an Iga and Koka alliance family, living near the base camp of Iga Sokoku Ikki, Heirakuji Temple (apparently Ueno west side)[2]. Thus, they are influential.



Hidari Ueno
(上野ノ左; ueno no hidari) One of the Eleven Ninja listed in the Bansenshukai. His real name is apparently Sabei Takaba (高羽 左兵衛); also Sashirō? (左四郎?). very little is known about him, but he might've been a genin.
Shuzen Ueno
(上野 主膳正) Name is translated as "Shuzen-no-kami", a position for an affairs officer (tsukasa[3]). Shuzen is a title for the head of Crown Prince's Quarters for food.[4]. Not much else is known about him.


Aruka Ueno
(上野 阿留果) Said to be born around 1502 with the ability to see fortune and one's future due to reading the stars (Chinese astrology). Also, a good grasp of political circumstances.
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