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Sengōkinrei Trirouzar (戦合金霊 トリロウザー; Fighting Alloy Soul Trirouzar) is a mecha/super-robot genre concept. It started off as jumbled notes, turned into a very short story about a team of three against an alien invasion.


Leo Touma
(レオ刀間) Straightforward, impulsive type with a preserving soul (熱血タイプ). Surname is Hikami (日上). C.V type is Murase Ayumu (村瀬歩)
Sniper Shoji
(スナイパー庄児). Calm, cold-headed type (冷静タイプ). Surname is Yamachi (夜町). C.V type is Majima Junji (間島 淳司).
Lt Cdr. O’Connor
(黒いタイガーオコナー) A stoic female officer called the "Black Tiger" (クールや姉御肌タイプ). C.V type is Tanaka Atsuko (田中敦子).
Storm Enlil
(風エンリル; Kaze enriru) Rival of Trirouzar team. A squad commander of alien invasion antagonist side. Disguises himself on earth as a "mysterious biker senpai" name Yamazaki Hanya (山崎 般若). Has a sneer. C.V is Hiyama Nobuyuki.


Out of the disarranged notes, names of the characters and the following were created:

  • The Antagonists: King Vanir Family (ヴァニル王族). In Norse mythology, the Vanir (/'v??n?r/; singular Vanr) are a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future.
  • The term "Ymir", possibly the King's name of this antagonist group or the title (ie: "The Ymir"). There's a Queen too, and a prince youth. Six monsters. Not sure why six; might have to do with giants. In myth, Ymir is one of the first beings created alongside Surtr. Ymir is the ancestor of all Jötunns (frost giants).
  • Hikami Touma is called "Loki", the norse god of deceit who killed Baldr and Thor by tricking the snake Jormundgandr and Hoor. He insults gods. In Vanir family, "Loki's shard" is born in Touma; he used to be an alien giant that would cause a rebellion and was hunted. The chaos caused the Vanir to become one.
  • Alien lifeform/giant stature giving "Rime" (A typo? Some kind of stone or hard substance) for energy source. Touma and Souji's parents worked in mining and debris as volunteers, receiving activity. The two kids gained the Val Gene. Jormundgund revived from the stone and may have caused the deaths of Leo's parents.