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Trio of Iga (伊賀の三人組; iga no sanjūsō) is a collection of stories a part of the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle. They are based on Shōtarō Tsukimori, Yoshizō Kōdanguchi, and Hayato Tokitsu during their childhood.



First initiated as a single chapter story in March 2011, but recently in 2015, MGW decided to make it a short series about the friendship of three Iga Ninja.

The first story was created March 2011, reflecting the fairy tail Three Billy Goats Gruff (De tre bukkene Bruse). The red Oni, playing the role as the goblin, wants to eat the kids, but there isn't a "get me when I'm fatter" lesson. Hayato, being older, is looked up to as "wiser, braver, and stronger", and he uses those traits to help his friends over the pass.


Story I
Set in Spring's 3rd year of Eiroku (1560) about three young friends fetching medicine in Koga after their friend becomes ill. Through a pass, the trio encounter an Oni that wants to eat them. The three kids line up, Shotuaro and Yoshi rationalize just enough for the oni to choose their oldest friend Hayato. Hayato manages to attack the oni and get him to fall down the mountain.
Story II
1563. Hayato's dream is to soar in the sky like the birds. Members of the Ban Family and Oda Family go pheasant hunting, and angered, Hayato, with the help of his friends, disguise themselves as tengu spirits.
Story III


Hayato, Shoutarou, Yoshizo
Iga Ninja. The main characters from oldest to youngest. They are well known for their friendship.
(赤三童子) Appeared in Story 1. A red oni who lives in the mountain range between Iga and Koga. He terrorized the young trio, and wanted to eat them.
(慎二) Appeared in Story 1. Peasant farmer. He becomes sick