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The Tokitsu (土岐津氏) is a fictional family in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.

About (Seishin)

Named after the town of Tokitsu, Mino Province. (present day Gifu prefecture). Toki eventually merged into other towns to become a district, then dissolved, becoming a part of Tajimi city.

Much like the Akechi family, the Tokitsu family worked with the Toki Family in Mino Province (present day Gifu Prefecture). Their genealogy aren't clear, but it's rumored that they're machisho (町衆; townspeople or local businessmen) or wealthy merchants under Toki's service. During Kamakura era, their ancestors served as both warriors and entertainers, the latter which includes reciting poetry. Due to this history, The family was put in charge of fabrics and crafting.

During the 15th Century, the Toki were going through civil turmoil within Mino Province.


Hayato Tokitsu
Went into hiding in Ayama Distict and was selected by Fujibayashi Nagano-no-Kami.


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