Tiger of Freedom



Tiger of Freedom


Fanfiction, Fantasy

Starting Date

(1st ver) 2000 - 2009 (2nd ver) N/A


(1st ver) Unknown (2nd ver) N/A


Tiger of Freedom (自由のライガー; jiyū no raigā), abbreviated as ToF, is MGW's second fanfic based on Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in Japan), and is the direct sequel to Howl of Gray Wolf.


Since MGW decided on a remake for HoGW, she also decided to remake its sequel and canceled the story in 2009. Aside from restarting the conflict between Tiger and Velnias (formerly Galonis), further details are unknown. Characters from Monster Rancher 1 and 2, and the Advance games appear in the story. Majority of the monsters would contain their names from Monster Rancher 2.

Info about the game series can be read at the HoGW article.

Story, Characters, and Setting

A year after Howl of Gray wolf, Tiger of Freedom is set on a world similar to Earth, but with two continents each with an established monster breeder association. The ancient history is akin to the anime where Moo caused a catastrophe. Like from the games, the Gali plays the role of God and other divine figures, and are responsible for sealing monsters into disk stones.


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