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Young Tiger in MR animation.

Tiger is one of the main characters in the fanfic Howl of Gray Wolf created by MGW. He is the baby brother of Gray Wolf.


Howl of Gray Wolf

Tiger first appears in the chapter "Boy" as a newly unlockable monster. Inquisitive and cheerful, he easily grew a bond with his new family. Meeting was cut short as the pack was being pursued by the dragon Jesvah. Witnessing the death of his pack, and the fury and desperation of Gray Wolf, Tiger learned the terrible side of reality and dedicated himself to helping his brother.

Tiger of Freedom

The main character and is a little over a year old. He is more confident, and his cheerful nature remains.

In Video Games & Anime

Raiga/Tiger from Tecmo's MR Advance 2

English Card (MR2)
"Many ordinary people keep this monster."
Japanese Card
人間を家族だと思うため主人を裏切る事がない。一般の人々にも飼われる事が多い (?)
MR Advance Bio[1]
北の大地にうまれたモンスター。 そのルックスと、クールなせいかくに、人気も高い。 (Monster born in northern lands. With hhose looks and cool character, popularity is high)

In the Monster Rancher games, Tiger is one of the monsters available from the beginning. They are known for their high speed and accuracy, but they are low in lifespan and physical power. In Japan, Tiger is called Raiga (ライガー), which possible means "thunder fang" (雷牙) since it has electric attacks.

In the anime, Tiger, called Tiger of the Wind (疾風のライガー; shipū no raiga, Raiga of the Gale), is one of the main characters. He, along with Mocchi, Genki, Holly, Hare (Ham), Suezo, and Golem, search for the phoenix to defeat Moo. In the English version, he is voiced by Brain Drummond in Japanese version, he's voiced by Kazuki Yao (矢尾一樹). The brother role in reversed from the anime, in which Gray Wolf is the younger brother and Tiger is the older.

Skills and Battle Data

During Howl of Gray Wolf

  • Power: E → D
  • Speed: D → B
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): E → D
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): D → C

During Tiger of Freedom

  • Power: D
  • Speed: A
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): D
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): B


  • Claw and bite
  • Charge
  • Bolt
  • Ice bomb

The Tiger race are some of the fastest monsters around.


Gray Wolf (character)
Brother. Highly looked up to.
Wants to defeat.



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