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FORTUNE: Thunder Force Zeitgeist (フォーチュン サンダーフォースツァイトガイスト) is a possible fanfic written by MGW based off THUNDER FORCE franchise. It was a product of Technosoft, and now Factory Noise AG. The title is unofficial; zeitgeist means "spirit of an age"(時代精神) or literally "time-spirit" in German.

Production/Possible Story

A zeal for the series, STG enthusiasts, and both fanfic writers and artists of TF, inspired MGW. FORTUNE is from the phrase from TFV "May fortune be with you." (あなたの前に祝福を)

Aside from the War against Orn (and maybe Guardian, or there's a mention), there is the political stance on the use of Circulate Death.


Cenes Crawford
(セネス・クロフォード) Commander of Thunder Force 222 Squadron and a member of Circulate Death program. She is known for platinum hair and dark eyes; is actually 32 years old, but due to CD, her memories are implanted into a younger 18-year-old body after each lost life.
Wolf Brandish
(ヴォルフ・ブランディッシュ) Leader of 13th Constellations (from BROKEN THUNDER), which was amalgamated into TF with the SYREX and BRACER fighters.
(ガーディアン) Antagonist of TF5. A sentient computer that controlled the artificial island BABEL. It went berserk and revolved against humankind, resulting in the Circulate Death Program and Thunder Force to b formed. Vasteel technology was implemently heavily in both Guardian and TF weapons, the latter coded "RVR" (Refined Vasteel Replica).
Orn Faust / Orn Empire
(オーン・ファウスト; オーン帝国) Civilization with an obsession with the Vasteel power, lead by Khaos, a bio-computer. Archenemy to the Galactic Federation, the Orn Empire has been the antagonist from I through IV. Pleareos is their super battle fortress. IV's Vios (ヴィオス), a super bio-computer more powerful than the former empire, led the remaining forces after the emperor's destruction. Orn Faust became VI's main antagonist.
Rolan Gospel
(ロラン・ゴスペル) Original. Greenhorn who has entered the TF Squadron. 20 years old. Might pilot Bracer; younger brother of Hector Gospel (ヘクトール・ゴスペル) by just 2 years.


  • Fictional game BROKEN THUNDER takes place a year after TF V (2151 AD), while TFVI takes place ten years after TF V (The Guardian war).
  • BROKEN THUNDER'S antagonist is Mephisto, who imbued nanomachines into earth people and turn them into puppets. before that, there was a war against Levicune (レーバキューン)