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The Follower from Mibuno (壬生野の家臣; vassal of mibuno; mibuno no kashin) is a story of the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.



MGW wanted to portray loyalty, and the inner feelings of a person when it comes to questioning what loyalty means. Also, what does a person feel when they have the urge to help another person (and why).

Story Synopsis

The "Character Scroll" is Kai of Mibuno. It explains that he was born on the 16th year of Tenmon (1547), and he is known for his commitment to making up for his father's handicap. His baby sister seems to be missing. Kai is an innin (陰忍).

It is set in the 8th year of Eiroku (1565), morning Spring. Farmer Kai visited the mansion (shinden) of the Tsukimori Family, where he is stopped by two guards named Sorakiri and Hiromaro. Ryo intervenes with the guards' questioning and welcomes Kai inside his home. Kai is treated like he were a close friend or younger brother; however, Hajime, being defensive, inquires on why Kai won't work with the more local families such as Sawamura or Fukuchi. It turns out that Kai greatly admires Ryo.


Real Work Events

In this time of history was the Eiroku no Hen (永禄の変). In Yamato Province, Miyoshi Nagayasu, Iwanari Tomomichi (Miyoshi vassal) and Miyoshi Masayasu work with Matsunaga Hisahide to attack and kill Ashikaga Yoshiteru at his Nijo Castle (二条城).