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The Demon Drowns in the River (鬼は川でおぼれ死んだ) is a story of the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle series.


Character Scroll

Hanzo Hattori and his historical popularity. There is a popular song about Ieyasu's generals:

  • Tokugawa-dono has superb men (徳川殿は良い人持ちよ).
  • Hattori Hanzo is Hanzo the Devil (服部半蔵は鬼半蔵).
  • Watanabe Hanzo is Hanzo the spear (渡辺半蔵は槍半蔵).
  • Atsumi Gengo is Gengo the executioner (渥美源吾は首切り源吾)

Creation and Concept/Story Synopsis

This story is based on an anecdote[1] on how Hanzo Hattori taught daimyo Ieyasu Tokugawa about "staying underwater".

In the 11th year of the Eiroku Era (1568), Hanzo and Ieyasu are swimming in Hamana Lake. After nearly drowning, Ieyasu asks Hanzo how long a ninja can stay underwater. The Iga commander answers "three days" and submerges, leaving Ieyasu and the others in waiting throughout most of the way. This makes everyone concerned and its believed that Hanzo had drowned. Before Ieyasu entered the water, Hanzo appears with a short sword (脇差; wakizashi) in his hand. Ieyasu is surprised to see his sheath empty.


Hanzo Hattori (Masanari)
The Commander of the Iga Forces who faithfully serves the Tokugawa. Despite his family living in Iga Province, he was born and raised in Mikawa as a vassal to Ieyasu.
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Ieyasu is a daimyo in Mikawa Province.


On FictionPress, The Demon Drowns has the second most views in the Seishin Series.