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The Dark Gods are characters from Howl of Gray Wolf and Tiger of Freedom. They are legendary monsters who are divine much like Gali, but represent the atrocious experiences of nature or the side of wrong.

Dark GodsEdit

The main antagonist of Tiger of Freedom. He leads The Five Warriors. He was formerly called Galonis.
Cinder Bird
A companion of Velnias and his crusade of destruction.
Also called The Red Death.

Five WarriorsEdit

The Five Warriors are adjutants of the Dark Gods, chosen by the strong reputation of their former memories and turning it to spread nigrum across the world.

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Power: B | Speed: E | Stamina: A | Mind/Spirit: C
(Sigurðr) Carries the title "The Sword".
Power: C | Speed: A | Stamina: B | Mind/Spirit: C
(Mixcōhuātl) Carries the title "The Fiery Hunter"
Power: B | Speed: B | Stamina: A | Mind/Spirit: B
(Αιγίς) Carries the title "The Round Shield".
Power: D | Speed: S | Stamina: C | Mind/Spirit: A
Carries the title "The Storm".
Power: A | Speed: S | Stamina: D | Mind/Spirit: D
(八幡) Carries the title "The Military God".

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