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Tenshō Iga no Ran (天正伊賀の乱; Iga's chaos in the Tenshō Era) also called the Siege of Iga and the Iga Tenshō Revolt, was a devastating battle that happened in 1581 (Tensho 9), involving the Oda Family and the Iga Forces. The event happens in the fiction Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.

Ran (乱) also means rebellion/revolt.


In 1579 (Tensho 7), Nobukatsu Oda (織田 信雄) of Kitabatake family led a unsuccessful invasion on Iga Province. Ridiculing his son, the famous daimyo Nobunaga Oda (織田 信長) sent forty thousand troops (some sources state more) into Iga two years later. It is possible that the reason for the invasion was that Nobunaga didn't trust the ninja[1] or/and that Nobukatsu wanted to build his reputation.[2]. Another possible reason is a so-called accusation of betrayal by a Iga ninja named Kai Shimoyama (下山 甲斐). The Koga would assist the Iga families as well. There were many causalities on both sides; some forces surrendered.

There were three revolts. The first revolt (第一次伊賀の乱), led by Nobukatsu Oda (Also called "Nobuo)", happened in 1579. The people of Iga quickly got wind of Nobuo's plot and he was completely defeated by surprise attacks. The second revolt (第二次天正伊賀の乱) happened in 1581 (Tensho 9) and was the most infamous strike. There was apparently a third revolt (第三次 天正伊賀の乱) in 1582 (Tensho 10) by Iga remnants, who reemerged from hiding and stood in rebellion after Nobunaga's death by the hands of his retainer Mitsuhide Akechi.

Please note, that much of the revolt information below is from the website Taimatsu's iganoran.

First Revolt

Tensho 6 (1578)
Oda Nobuo (北畠信雄) orders his servant Takigawa Saburobei (滝川 三郎兵衛) to repair Maruyama Castle (丸山城)[3] in Iga. The castle was built in 1575 under the service of Nobuo's foster father Kitabatake Tomonori (北畠 具教). Kai Shimoyama assists.
  • Month 7
    • 25th day: high rank Iga men gathers at Mt. Tendo (天童山; tendozan),[4] in the west and deliver a daytime attack to Takigawa at the castle, repelling him to Ise, possibly to Matsugashima Castle.
Tensho 7 (1579)
  • Month 9
    • Day 16: Without consulting his father, Oda Nobuo sends 10,000 men to Aoyama Pass, Nagano Pass, and Onikobu Pass[5]. The men include Ise vassals Tsuge Saburobei (柘植 三郎兵衛) and Nagano Kyodaiyuu (長野 左京太夫). They are repelled by Tanba's guerrilla forces.
    • Day 17: Nobuo Senior vassal Tsuge Saburozaemon (柘植 三郎左衛門) dies. Oda forces repelled from South/Nabari and the north/Oguchi.
    • Day 18: Nobuo flees to Matsugashima Castle. Kai Shimoyama commits suicide; son in law 上津郷新坊/神杖郷新坊 killed
    • Day 22: Nobuo is scolded by father Nobunaga

Second Revolt

Tensho 9 (1581)
  • Month 9
    • Day 3:
    • Day 4:
    • Day 10:
    • Day 11:

Third Revolt

Tensho 10 (1582)
  • Month 6
    • Day 2: Nobunaga is killed by Akechi Mitsuhide in Kyoto in June
    • Day 9: Jōun Morita (森田 浄雲), one of the Iga Twelve Group, dies at Ichinomiya Castle (一之宮城)
  • Month 11
  • ?
Tensho 11
  • Month 4
    • Day 27: N/A
  • Month 5
    • Dat 10:
    • Day 20:

In Seishin

  • Macabre traitor

Notable Combatants



  • Wakisaka Yasuharu (w/ Kai Shimoyama)
  • Niwa Nagahide
  • Takigawa Kazumasu
  • Gamō Ujisato (蒲生 氏郷)
  • Tsutsui Junkei (筒井 順慶)
  • Hori Hidemasa
  • Asano Nagamasa
  • Houno Kunainoshou (芳野 宮内少輔)

Historical Trivia

  • Nobukatsu was also known as Nobuo Oda and Nobukatsu Kitabatake (北畠 信雄). Takizawa's formal name was Katsutoshi (雄利).
  • This event is depicted in various video games, tv series, movies, and comics especially with Oda Nobunaga and his family as center figures. A movie drama, directed by Chiba Seiji and starring Goda Masashi, can be watched through ANPACA TV.