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Zan from Monster Rancher Advance 2. Photo from MRA2 site.

Sonic Knife Shiranui (ソニックナイフの不知火 or シラヌイ; phosphorescent light) is a character that debuts in the fanfic remake of Howl of Gray Wolf. He is a purebred Zan (ザン). The monster's breed name is probably from the Japanese word meaning "to sever, to chop" (斬).


In Video Games

A Zan appears in both Monster Rancher Advance games, Monster Rancher 3 through 5, and both Monster Rancher DS games. Also an unlockable monster. A rival in Monster Rancher 4 uses a Zan.

MR3 Description (English)
The only thing this monster knows is how to fight. The Tochikans saw this as a danger and sealed the monster away, but a scientist recently revived it.
MR DS2 Bio[1]
戦うために生まれてきた戦闘サイボーグ、ザン。命中、攻撃力、共に高い技を駆使すれば、敵を瞬殺することも可能だ (the fighting cyborg that lives for combat, Zan! Making use of accuracy, offense, along with high skill, it is possible to instant kill the enemy)
MR Advance 2 Bio
古代の科学が生み出した、完全無欠のバトルマシーン。 戦いだけがザンの心を癒してくれる。 (Truly invisible battle machine produced by ancient science. Zan's heart is healed by only battle)

Howl of Gray Wolf Remake

Shiranui is taciturn and unshaken by a threat. Inside a machine, there is a spirit that is tamed only by combat. His trainer is Tobias and is very loyal to him. When given the orders, Shiranui fights with all of his strength. Many Islanders fear the Zan for being too fixed on fighting, and the possibility of it going out of control. Shiranui even caused training-related deaths; the only one who is determined to face him is Gadamon.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: B
  • Speed: A
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): D
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): D


  • Stab: A straight stab with a claw
  • Somersault: Arcing flip kick
  • Leg Arc: Low sweepkick
  • Nail Slash: Slash with one of the metal blades
  • Caution: Avoidance increases
  • Stunner: Shoots orbs of electricity to stun an enemy

Said to be an "absolutely perfect" battle machine[2] (完全無欠のバトルマシーン), Zan is fantastic in speed (including accuracy) and physical power, containing deadly attacks such as strikes from its metal scythes. It moves so rapidly that it can make duplicates of itself, which can also attack.


His current trainer. Shiranui is quite loyal to him for being competent. He orders Shiranui to support Gray on his quest.
Gray Wolf (character)
A notable rival.
Often finds himself facing (and defeating) Gada's monsters, and tries to ignore her because of her temperament.



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