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The Shimotsuge (下柘植) is the family that consist of Kizaru (木猿) and Kozaru (小猿). For more information, see Kizaru and Kozaru Shimotsuge.


There isn't much historical information on Kizaru and Kozaru aside from them being two of the Eleven Ninja mentioned in the Bansenshukai, and Kizaru being the motif for Sasuke Sarutobi of the Tatsukawa stories. The two were either parent and child, or siblings. Shimotsuge is an area in the Iga District, and is known to be the homeland of Kizaru and Kozaru. Legends has it that Kizaru could leap so far and so far that by those who see him, he looks to be flying. Furthermore, Kozaru would imitate the sound of dogs fighting to jar the enemy and to figure out where they are asleep.

Seishin Series

In the Seishin series, the Shimotsuge are twin brothers specialized in animal techniques such as mimicry, camouflage, and tree climbing. Therefore, they are highly reliable and cunning ninja, and are often selected for recon and direct infiltration and tracking missions. They are under the guidance of the Tsuge Family.

Momochi Tanba states how they are nearly suicidal and have seen plenty of danger, bringing critical needs to Iga. Fujibayashi Nagano-no-Kami, aside from deploying the brothers on his behalf, also requests them with describing animals for writing.

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