Seishin Drafts

These are process drafts and ideas for Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle series. In other words, they may not be implemented as official.

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An event where Kai Shimoyama kills fortune seer [Ueno Family|Aruka Ueno]] may occur.

"All the stars are black."

When he walked in, he slid the door behind him. The sunlight pierce through the paper slits, highlighting the hallow room where Aruka sat, and the austere face of Shimoyama Kai. In his hand, a katana from a fellow Lord, handle laced in red ribbon; it [the item] associated with rich apparel, thus made Kai look far more commandeering than before.

" unfortunate for our paths to cross this way." he said.

"Shimoyama. You always had a blue or black aura, but you seem to hesitate."

"Of course. You and I bear no resent. However, Oda finds you no different than bewitching magic. No matter what, like the rest, you too must die. Thus, I personally come to do the deed."

The seer smiled -- is the smile sad? Or is it complacent? "Some black stars become pure again. Perhaps light will enter the future again. Maybe our deaths will bring a new era for Nihon's sake. Will the expedient wars end?"

"That is for the Daimyo to realize, but I bet my life on Oda's progressive ideals."

"That might include your death as well."

"Probably, but I won't let you frighten me Ueno." Kai's way of speaking is polite but he approaches with the sword. Aruka bends over in a prayer. "Please, the tree, the sky, the stars, the mountains. As I leave and become a part of your sacred bodies. May you forever stand and guide us."

Aruka could hear steps like the breath of hunting wolves. Fear approached differently. When it was a suicide ritual, it was from the moment of waiting when their head left their neck; in war, it was from the aggressive weapons biting the body, shredding the enemy, the burning feeling of being attacked. It was a wonder whether it'd be quick or slow. This felt more like the former, the suicide; it felt like grief. Letting her pray, Shimoyama made her demonstrate a committed long life before the swing. The movement of the sword felt like wind in his hands. The blood splashed against the wooden wall.

Kai heard that the upper class loved to display the heads of their defeated rivals, but wanted to leave her. But he had to prove that Oda's demands were carried out. He contemplated long.

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