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The Sawamura (澤村氏) are in Iga.


Not much is known about the Sawamura. A mansion belonging to the family is located in Kawahigashi, Iga (伊賀市川東) in Mie Prefecture (present Iga Province) and is known for its surrounding mound. There is also an historical record from the Edo Peroid where one member Jinzaburo infiltrated a kurofune or Black Ship from the Netherlands. The ship was commanded by Commodore Matthew Perry.

One member served Takatsugu Todo (藤堂 高次; 1602 - 1676), a vassal of the Tokugawa family. He served Iemitsu and his son Ietsuna.

Documents state that the family, or just Jinzaburo, used beacons, explosives, and flame torches.

Sixteen Tools of Sawamura

  • Uke (Life Jacket)
  • Hikibashi
  • Kunai
  • Hikinawa (pull rope)
  • Uchikagi (Grapple hook)
  • Makuribashi (rolling ladder)
  • Nokogiri (saw)
  • Hakagi (Wing key)
  • Do (Fire carrying item)
  • Torinoko (hold fire)
  • Shinobi Chouchin (Lantern)
  • Nobusuma (Field blanket)
  • Nagabukuro (LOng bag)
  • Hiya (Fire arrows)

In Seishin

They live in the same area as Kai of Mibuno. Specialized in water-related operations such as crossing rivers; serving the Todo Family, they are responsible for foreign investigation, especially during Edo Period. One member designed a tortoise/rock pack. Has a close relationship with Inamasu ninja, who are connected to Todo Family. Both are into foreign affairs.


(沢村 甚三郎 保祐) Formal name unknown, possibly Yasusuke. Served Tokugawa Shogunate.
(玄祐) Fictional character; one Kanji character is taken from Genbu (玄武) or the black tortosie. Former name is Iesuke (家祐).


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