Sannen Nindō Gakkō

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A comedy/gag series possibly in the works. Related to Seishin (Pure Heart) series.

Title isn't official but Sannen Nindō Gakkō means "Third Year Ninja Way School" (三年忍堂学校).


Story ideas

  • The stories mostly take place in Shinobi no kuni (しのびのくに; 忍びの国), a small land, and its regions. In the center of this small land are two popular ninja schools neighboring each other: Iga and Koga. Iga and Koga are their own districts with their own villages/towns.
  • "Shinobi no Kuni" is known for their feudal clan-like organization. The children who join the schools are affiliated to some family. The samurai are ruling politicians of the Kuni regions, trying to promote the shinobi schools. Locals are against institutions akin to training candidates for the military, especially youths and especially after the "The Last Great War". Shinobi no Kuni are hired by other countries like mercenaries.
  • The Gakkou were established for formal training/lecturing in the way of shinobi and to use the shinobi for clients and dangerous/special missions, including civil enforcement. To them, in this country, a shinobi is a "special person" with a purpose and skill. Even if that includes killing.
  • Mostly a comedy?


Shōtarō Tsukimori
A 1st year of the Iga Sect School. 12 years old. His family was killed by the Owari Guerrilla. He trains to work in the Law/Guard division.
Kyōshirō Kōsaka
1st year of Koga Sect. 13 years old.
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