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In the Edo Period, The Sanada Ten Braves (真田十勇士, sanada jūyūshi) were said to be a powerful group of ninja formed under Yukimura Sanada. Sasuke and Saizo are the most popular members. A story developed in mid-late 17th century.


When disputes flared against Tokugawa and Hojo, the Brave Ten group initiated under Masayuki Sanada, but would fully complete under Yukimura.

After the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Masayuki Sanada and his youngest son Yukimura were exiled to Kii Province after siding with the western army of the Ishida Family, and losing against Ieyasu Tokugawa. The older son Nobuyuki, who fought for Ieyasu with the eastern army, took over the family.



Sasuke Sarutobi
The youngest member.
Saizo Kirigakure
Iga Ninja. 2nd generation would mostly get involved with the Sanada.
Kosuke Anayama
(穴山 小介) A vassal of Yukimura; the eldest son of Anayama Nobumitsu (穴山 信光) (1569-1615), a relative of Takeda General Anayama Nobukimi. He served as a Kagemusha in Siege of Osaka.
Seishin ver: Has a thick beard and wears the same clothing as the famous "victorious General". He uses this to disrupt the bias towards the Tokugawa.
Kamanosuke Yuri
(由利 鎌之助; ゆり かまのすけ) (1573 - 1615)Rumored to be a real person; he fought Yukimura and Masayuki many times.
Seishin ver: A sickle master.
Jūzou Kakei
(筧 十蔵)(かけい じゅうぞう) (1573 - 1615)
Seishin ver: Fearless interrogator, who uses needles to torture soldiers of Tokugawa camp. "Sharp hawk's eyes", which serve him in using an arquebus.
Rokurō Unno
(海野 六郎)(うんの ろくろう)(1571 - 1615)
Seishin ver:
Jinpachi Nezu
(根津 甚八; ねづ じんぱち):永禄12年(1569年)? - 慶長20年5月7日(1615年6月3日). His family is the main branch of Kōsaka Family.
Rokurō Mochizuki
(望月 六郎; もちづき ろくろう). 1572 - 1615
Siblings Miyoshi Seikai Nyūdou & Miyoshi Isa Nyūdou
(三好清海入道; みよし せいかい にゅうどう / 三好伊三入道(みよし いさ にゅうどう) These two are siblings. Nyūdou means "monk"; they are possibly descendants of the Ogasawara, a family that went through ruin during the mid 1500s. In the fictional tokusatsu series "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger", the descendant of Miyoshi Seikai Nyudou is one of the five rangers battling evil forces. Miyoshi was mentioned in Tatsukawa Book Collection and described as a daredevil who sought revenge against Hideyoshi Toyotomi and his lineage. The book also states Miyoshi being Goemon Ishikawa's child.