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Seiya Ω: Dawn of End, Ω Meiō Shinwa (Ω冥王神話), Omega Hades, 冥王神話 ドーン・オブ・エンド, Return of Hades


Fanfiction, Fantasy/Mythic Ficton, Action

Starting Date

March 2015


36 (july 2021) / ?? (Ongoing)

Saint Seiya Ω DAWN OF END (聖闘士星矢Ω ドーン・オブ・エンド), alternatively Ω Meiō Shinwa (Ω冥王神話; Omega Hades Mythology), is a fanfic by MGW based on Saint Seiya Omega, combining the derivative work's Hades Saga and spinoff THE LOST CANVAS.

Ideas/Creation & Concept

Once again impressed by the Seiya fans, MGW thought of this story in 2015 and created the first chapter in March of the same year. She decided to set it sometime after 2nd season, but many details are still in the works, including changes from the Pallasbeda battle. MGW is expecting a "long series".

As the story was published near the end of March, the official title was decided. Alternatively, it's still called Ω Meiō Shinwa, Seiya Omega: Return of Hades, or Omega: Hades Chapter. Japanese title is "Saigo no Reimei" (最後の黎明); kana is ドーン・オブ・エンド. Spanish title is "Última del Amanecer." (Final Dawn). While mentioned in Saint Seiya Taizen as one of the Twelve Olympians, the goddess Demeter wasn't apparent in the Seiya Series. Therefore, due to her heritage connected to Hades, and the stories about her in Greek myth, she was chosen as an important antagonist.

MGW predicted at least three deaths among the protagonist cast.

Original Characters

The name of OC Gold Saint Hermes was chosen due to the Greek god being known as a messenger and a trickster. He also turned others into stones and various birds (thus the pet bird), including Agron for his disrespect.

The OC Capricorn Safar had various names: Zoro, Rapier, En Garde, Darius, and Khushal (خوشحال).

Gargoyle Rouen is named after a city in Normandy, France, and its signature Catholic cathedral. Gargoyles were designed from carved stone to filter rain water, and it was suspected that it was so scary looking that it warded off evil spirits.

Story & Characters

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Months, nearly a year, after the defeat of Saturn (Season 2 of Seiya Omega), Kouga returns to the Sanctuary, only to see the death of a longtime friend. A new Holy war is declared, but the Saints face obstacles in their way; a Goddess's revenge prevents them from reuniting, and for three days Athena senses an imbalance in the Cosmos. Are the stars of Leo Minor (Lionet), Wolf, Aquila, Cygnus, and Dragon fluctuating?

Much like the original Saint Seiya and Omega, the fanfic is distinguished by arcs or chapters (編) representing a particular conflict (ie: Galaxy wars chapter, Silver Saint chapter).

  • The Black Robes (冥衣編)
  • Cyclades Invasion (キクラデス諸島編)
  • The Four Terrae Part 1 (四聖大地闘士編)
  • Chrȳsos Sunagein (黄金結合編)
  • The Four Terrae Part 2 (四聖大地闘士編)
  • Reprieve of the Inferno (???)

In March 2021, Episode Lunatic Dream (エピソードルナティックドリーム EPLD) was published as a short, alternative narrative reflecting a war with the god Ares. It was an abrupt idea, jotting down ideas for a possible sequel. Ares's vessel was named Eugene Daglis, who aimed to create The Iron Pit, a tournament that would surpass the Galaxan Wars. Its depicted as "brutal" as many of the Gold Saints, including some mentioned in Seiya Omega and DAWN OF END, are devastated against Ares. Athena is also described as being killed, waking up in horror from a dream.

In November 2021, it's been decided that the Underworld will be written as a seperate saga. Title is unknown but initially set as "DAWN OF END: Hell Pressure Era" (冥圧代).

Terms & Techniques

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Next to the English term is the Portuguese and Spanish term.

Saint (Santo)
(聖闘士; セイント) The Kanji stands for "star warrior". A warrior of justice who fights for the Goddess Athena, and is guarded by one of the 88 constellations. The stars of each constellation serve as a vital point; in LOST CANVAS, every time a Saint died, his constellation faded from Hades's planetarium-like projection hall. The Saints boast superhuman ability and are divided into three classifications - Bronze (48), Silver (24), and Gold (12). The Gold Saints represent the Twelve Zodiac signs. Also, a Bronze's fist speed is Mach 1, while a Silver is Mach 2 - 5. Gold Saints are as fast as speed of light.
(聖衣; クロス) Kanji stands for "star robe". The protective armor (armadura) of the Saint, modelling its constellation. Offensive and defensive ability increases, but a Cloth becomes a heavy piece of armor when there is a low cosmos surge, or it can reject the wearer. There are three Saint cloths: Bronze (青銅聖衣; ブロンズクロス)、Silver, (白銀聖衣; シルバークロス)、Gold (黄金聖衣; ゴールドクロス). The Cloths are also called Vestidura Sagrada (holy garment) or Manto Sagrado (holy cloak). Cloths are considered a living entity and if it dies, a Saints blood (imbued by Cosmos), about 1/3 of it, is required to revive it. Cloths are known to be improved drastically after repair or when poured with blood from gods or Gold Saints.
(小宇宙; コスモ) The Kanji stands for "microcosm" or "galaxy". Cosmos are the internal energy within Saints (and others) burn and utilized in battle. It is proportional to spiritual strength and concentration. Also, blocking the five senses can enlarges the Cosmos.
Holy War (La Guerra Santa)
(聖戦) An intense battle that happens every several hundred years where Athena faces her greatest foe, particularly the King of the Underworld Hades. Other Gods that Athena has historically faced is Ares and Poseidon.
Specter (Espectro)
(冥闘士; スペクター) Kanji stands for "dead warrior"; also called Spectre. The 108 warriors of Hades, King of the Underworld. Inspired by the novel Shui Hu Zhuan (水滸傳), commonly known as as "Water Margin", the Specters are divided into "Celestial Stars" (天星) and "Terrestrial Stars" (地星).
(冥衣; サープリス) Kanji stands for "dead robe". The shiny, black armors of the Underworld primarily worn by the Specters. When dead Saints are revived by Hades, they wear an imitation surplice of the Cloths worn during lifetime.
Pope Hall (Cámara del Patriarca)
(教皇の間) The place where the the commander of the Saints reside. Furthermore, only the Pope is allowed to enter Star Hill (スターヒル) where he observes the stars and the fate of chosen Saints. Also called Pope Chamber.
Sanctuary (santuario)
(聖域; サンクチュアリ) The place where Athena and her Saints live and train. Located in Greece.
Twelve Zodiac Temples (Las Doce Casas)
(黄金十二宮) Before the Pope Hall and Athena's Temple are palaces named after the twelve zodiac constellations. A Gold Saint guards each one. Las Doce Casas means The Twelve Houses.
Terrae and Stoles
Original to the Dawn of End fic. Analogous to the 108 Specters and Judges of Hell that serve Hades, The Four Terrae (四聖大地闘士 テラ) are the elite warriors that serve Hades's sister Demeter. The Terrae's armors are called Stoles (ストラ; 富地衣, ample earth clothing), a word based on stoli (στολή) and Latin's stola, an embroidered garment that covers the shoulders. Therefore, the armors contain a band of rich fabric that fall over their shoulders. Despite being few in number, a Terrae is considerably powerful and, following a goddess of Earth, their powers effect a wide scale.
Demeter's Gardens
These gardens are the official "temples" that protect Demeter's island and her main temple on Naxos. Garden of Plutus (Wealth), Garden of Catasterismi (origins of stars), Garden of Androktasiai (Slaughter/War), and Garden of Horae (Seasons/time). For simplicity, they are also titled as Fibers, Stars, Decline and The Cycle. Each garden is given a subtext:
  • Plutus: Thine Wealth
  • Catasterismi: Thine Path in the Sky
  • Androktasiai: Thine Decline is Life?
  • Horae: ???
Omega (Ω)
(オメガ) Elusive to the spin off "Saint Seiya Omega". First mentioned of Virgo Fudo, it's the Cosmos elevated at a peak, and its said to be far beyond Seventh Sense, rivaling Gods. It's also compared to the power of a Big Bang and the universe, thus, a mass amount of people is needed to trigger it. Because of the shared cosmic power, the Omega transforms the Cloths of Saints. In DoE, Omega seems to react what galaxies are "distant". Fudou and Seiya theorized that where there is a tilt in balance, death and despair, or a void of the senses, the Cosmos elevate from within individuals and combine with others.
One Thousand Day War
(千日戦争; Guerra de los mil días) War of 100 Days. A general term that describes what is supposedly a clash between Gold Saints It a supposed measurement of the time that the battle lasts due to their strengths, or they are usually in a deadlock state.
According to the novel Gigantomachia (聖闘士星矢 ギガントマキア), these materials are said to compose and repair Cloths of Athena's Saints -- Orichalcum, Starsut Sand, Gammanium. The people of Jamir have the powers of Alchemy and telekenisis to obtain and use these materials.
(リンボ; 辺獄 hengoku) In Dante Alighieri's poem "Inferno", Limbo is considered The First Circle of Hell past the Acheron river (where Dante met Charon); before the river there's the ante-Hell and Neutrals plane. Its said that the unbaptized or pre-christened go here, spirits that lack hope and eternal in God. It's said to be . In Dawn of End however, past Hirasaka, it's said to be a "plane of uncertainty" and everything is dark.


Dawn of End is indisputably one of MGW's most popular fanfics. When it debuted March 2015 on, it became one of MGW's Most Viewed stories on its first week, ending up in TOP 3 by the end of the year. As of August 2017, it currently has the Most Favorites; before that, its been following behind the Howl of Gray Wolf remake in Favorites and Views since December 2015. In addition, it has the most Alerts. In Archive of our Own, it's TOP 3 in both Kudos and Hits received behind OH-TEN: Era of High Heaven (皇天の変). Reviewers described the story as "interesting to read' and "epic"; on the other hand, criticism about the story being "boring" and making "Seiya looking weak" was received.

Differences from Omega Season 1 & Season 2 (TV SPOILERS)

As this is a sequel to Omega, differences from Season 2, which covered the war against Pallas and Saturn, are a bit more transparent. First mentioned in Chapter 1 was the fate of Aries Kiki. Rather than surviving the battle against First Class pallasite Hyperion, he sacrificed himself defending Virgo Fudo and Libra Shiryu against the backlash of Athena's Exclamation. Virgo and Libra, due to Hyperion's destructive power are sent into a super dimensional space created by the Exclamation until Omega is fully awakened against Saturn. Phoenix Ikki was killed by First class Aegaeon, but not without destroying him and his sword in the process.

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