SUJ HMJK4 Kuramabi

Kuramabi Kami or Kuramabi no Kami (クラマビ守) is a mecha from Heroic Blaze SolAka.

Creation and Concept

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Stats of Kuramabi
The mecha's name could mean something like "dark arcane", and derived from a few Japanese words. The idea was from the Japanese words of himitsu (秘教, secret), Kurayami (暗闇, the darkness), and Mahou (魔法, magic). Ma is used for dark power. Using a dakuten, to change the sound of a syllable, hi is changed to bi. Both kura and yami means shadow.

In Pre-Modern Japan, kami was a part of a court title, such as a provincial governor. The Kanji is also well known to mean "protection" or 'to defend" (mamoru). An incredibly difficult mecha, the details have been in the works for years.

Technical Data

  • Model Number: SUJ - HM JK4
  • Manufacturer: Shirei Kingdom Southern Military (Hoō Tribe)
  • Unit Type: Ground/Naval Combat
  • Height: 20-45m range (undecided)
  • Weight: 300-500T(undecided)
  • Energy Source: Gigan Soul Gem

Official Designation is "SUJ - HM JK4" (Shirei Superior Beast God – Secret/Esoteric Prototype Model/Shirei Ue Jyujin: Himitsu Jiken or 四霊 上 獣神: 秘教実験). The beast with the largest defense. It's said that it could stand against an entire armada. It is the SUJ of Young Chief Igiyuki Gentekki.



Service History/Pilots

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