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SUJ - AR JK3 Tianfeng (天凮 or ティエンフォン) is a Four Beasts-based mecha from the fiction Heroic Blaze SolAka. Also called TianAo and TianHaru; ao and haru both means the color blue in Japanese.

Creation and Concept

Tian's stats

Tian means "Heavenly" and "Sky".

Former name was CielosFeng (Heavenly Wind; Italian and Chinese). CielFeng (シエルフォン)), Fengzure, TianFeng, Caelō, TenRon (heavenly dragon; Japanese and Chinese) were also considered. While the word feng is kept, tian is chosen to fit both the color of blue and the skies. This makes the name composed of two Chinese words compared to SolAka (Latin and Japanese) and Baoshiro (Chinese and Japanese).

Technical Data

  • Model Number: SUJ - AR JK3
  • Manufacturer: Shirei Kingdom Eastern Military (Seiryu Tribe)
  • Unit Type: Flight Assault/Planetary Defense
  • Height/Length: ??? (DM); 43.5m (FM)
  • Weight:
  • Energy Source: Soul Gem x2

Official Designation is "SUJ - AR JK3" (Shirei Superior Beast God – Storm Proto/Shirei Ue Jyujin: Arashi Prototype Model or 四霊 上 獣神: 嵐実験). A very elemental charged mecha, it says that it rules both aerial and ground combat of various ranges. It's frame is much like a blue Chinese Dragon combined with cubical segments. The armor is like diamond-shaped scales.



Nimbus Mode
Forms a cloud-like substance around it to render it invisible.


(神雷撃) A signature attack.
Sky Scales


Drill Tail
Snake Thunder

Service History/Pilots

Shirei War

Shortly before the occupation of Planet Shirei...