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BaoShiro's Stats

BaoShiro (パオシロ) is a mecha from the fiction Heroic Blaze SolAka. Also called the White Violence.

Creation & Concept

The name of the mecha is a mix of the Mandarin Chinese word bào (暴 OR 虣) meaning violent, brutal and tyrannical, and the Japanese word shiro (白) meaning white. bào can also mean cruel and passionate. The name also makes it similiar to SolAka, which uses two terms based on a color and something relevant to the animal. In addition, one term is Japanese.

Baoshiro is created to primarily reflect its driver, Torahiko. Therefore, MGW decided to make it incline to heavy, close-range attacks.

Technical Data

Also called SUJ Unit 1 and Unit ST, the shiroi tōsei (白い闘士) or White Fighter. Simply called Shiro as a pet name. BaoShiro is a part of the SUJ series, four super mecha developed for planetary defense. It was developed by the Shirei Kingdom Western Military (Byakko Tribe). Model # is SUJ – TSJK1.

Unit 1 was to first to become finished, designed for high durability and close-in fighting. It is considered a Prototype Ground/Close Combat Beast Mecha; height is 43.5m and weight is 190T or more.


Shiro Lasers
Laser beams that fire from shoulder sockets.
Northern Claw
(ノーザンクロー) Protracted, sickle-like claws unleash a strike.
Glacier Smash
(グレーシャースマッシュ) Ranged physical attack. It is said to be an attack that "never misses".
(山斬刀; mountain chopping blade) A pristine white blade. It is the super robot equivalent to an oodachi (Japanese sword with a blade that could be over five and a half feet long).

Special Attacks/Finishing Blow

Hissatsu (必殺技; hissatsu waza; special or killing skills) are widely known in Super Robots as the finisher attacks, which are used to dramatically defeat the enemy. They are the mechs' most effective attacks.

Haō Tōsōga
(昇王闘爪牙; ascending king battle claw and fang) N/A
Yamazantō Sanmeizan
(山斬刀 三鳴斬) A triple strike attack with a lot of force.

Service History/Pilots

Shirei War


Earth Invasion


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