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Gajavar is a mecha from the fiction Heroic Blaze SolAka.


The name is from the words gaja / gajah (गज; elephant) and Ishvar (a god or supreme being), both Hindi or Sanskrit.

Technical Data

  • Model Number: STN-2
  • Manufacturer: Shenbu Army
  • Unit Type: Ground Combat
  • Height: 46.2m
  • Weight: 250T
  • Energy Source: Soul Gem


20mm "Electro Trunk Gun"
Energy bullet machine gun installed into
Hidden rocket boxes in thigh (loincloth) armor.
Joule Flash
(焦耳 閃光) From Ears
Spark Tusks
Long tusks charged with electricity
Lightning Katar (x2)
Marai Spear
(魔雷) Gajavar's main weapon is a Vel called Marai, derived from maraisho (魔雷槍). The kanji literally means Demon (magic) Thunder Spear.
(天嵐刃; Divine storm strike) Signature move of the Marai. From the blade, a large bolt of lightning is fired out. Depending on the power, it can cut through metal. Also called Lanjen (嵐刃; storm blade)
Lei Fēn
Meaning Thunder Disorder (雷纷). A wild attack of furious lightning across the ground in different directions.

Service History/Pilots

Shirei War


Imperial Address

First appearance in San Bernadino in California. Indra was sent to the American Hoshizawa base where he was confronted by Torahiko Yūtsukasa.


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