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Kazan-Class Taiyoko (タイヨコ) is a multi-functional ship vessel from the fiction Heroic Blaze SolAka. It is also known as the "Rebel Ship".

The Sun Child's Stats


The idea of the name came from the word taiyō (太陽), which literally means sun in Japanese, while taiyōkō (太陽光) means sunlight. Due to its humongous size, and being the first multi-purpose carrier to be created, its Kanji was spelled to mean large falcon child (taiyōko; 大鷹子). It suits its innovation in the Shirei culture.

Technical Data

The Taiyoko's model number is "SA-GZK-01", marking it the first ship designed by the Shirei Alliance. GZK is from Goki-Zen-Kikai (極 - 全 - 機械); it's literal meaning is "extreme overall machine". It's length is 480m. Taiyoko's strength lies within its ship capacity and advanced technology. It can carry over 3,300 crew members.

Armament/Equipment (incomplete)

300mm long-barrel cannons
Primarily cannons with explosive shells. Special EM shells can be used.
Machine guns
Missile Cells
ASM Launcher w/IR+EM radar (Short-med) & AAM Launcher w/IR+EM radar
40mm Dual Pulse cannons
Small cannons capable of firing rapid bursts of ion energy.
"Solar Wing"
Both beam discharge weapon and a cutting weapon.


Camouflage & RAM Paint
Solar generators bent light around the ship, rendering it invisible to optics, and its RAM painting made it near undetectable by radar without having to distort it.
Entry Rocket Capsules
It was used to decrease weight from the ship and sometimes helped the crew to safely escape. It also contains four thrusters. Inside, there are belts across the walls and sleep gas system. At the start of the Shirei Invasion, they were large enough to hold the SUJ units BaoShiro and SolAka.
SA Countermeasures
Gas spring piston that can fire Chaff and Flare rounds.
(Info here)
2 EM Catapults
Arms name
(Info here)

Service History/Pilots

Shirei War


Imperial Address (Earth Invasion)



  • SolAka
  • BaoShiro
  • YGK 17 Seki and YGK 17K Tama-Seki
  • Shotagi
  • 3GT2 Midotsui Strike
  • Ryaou GT-S 2000


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