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MR2 Card of Ragonroks

Ragnoroks (ラグナロックス, ragunarokkusu) is an antagonist from the fanfic Howl of Gray Wolf. The name is based off of Ragnorok, the ultimate battle in Norse Mythology between powerful figures such as Tyr and Odin, which also brings about drastic natural disasters. He is a Dragon/Monol.


In Video Games

In the first Monster Rancher game, a Dragon/Monol was called Laguna; in later games, it plays a significant role. In Monster Rancher 3, there is a rare black dragon named Ragnorox. Quite powerful, the player must challenge it to prove his/her mastery. In the Advance games, Ragnarok is also a legendary black dragon responsible for mass destruction; Zest calls it a "dragon of darkness" and is brought to tears by its appearance. A trainer must defeat it to obtain its unlockable code.

English Card (MR1)
A dark soul that has been accused of mass destruction."[1]
English Card (MR2)
They say the ancient culture might have been destroyed by it."
Japanese Card (MR2)
古代文明を滅ぼしたといわれる、狂暴なモンスター。しかし、その強さゆえの人気もある (Said to have destroyed an ancient civilization, it is a violent monster. But, its strength is why its popular.)

Howl of Gray Wolf

Ragnoroks lives on one of the southern Islands as a free monster. A terrorist to the people, he attacks and rules indiscriminately. It's said that he is like a villainous monster from a folklore, and has to be challenged by heroes.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Type: Dragon/Monol (D-rank)
  • Power: B
  • Speed: D
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): B
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): B


Ragnoroks's physical defense and energy power is augmented by his sub-species, the wall monster Monol (Monolisk; モノリス, monorisu). However, both monsters are terrible in speed, and there is a slight decrease in physical power. His powerful Nigrum can arrest movement through an electromagnetic force.

Physical Attacks

Spirit/Intelligence Attacks





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