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This is the unedited draft of the canceled Pokemon Fighters fanfic. Please see the main article, Valspera, and List of Pokémon Fighters Series chapters for more information.

Prologue: Legend and Myth

The atmosphere of the temple felt cold and scary. It was known to repel anyone since it was the home of a pokemon called the Humans' Archenemy. However, there were some who appeared even at the roof of the menacing place. In every life, in every generation, there were brave souls willing to step up to any obstacle, growing through the mainstream life of pokemon training and when the time came, transcended into heroes.

A few seconds of darkness have passed until Pikachu came to. After the pokemon's muddled focus cleared up, he looked ahead through hooded eyes. The first thing he saw was a figure standing in front a long flight of stairs. The could see the stairs leading up into the sky like a path to Heaven. But this wasn't Heaven or anywhere deemed pleasant. The clouds above were distorting into a funnel, tainted by a purple hue.

One small gasp slipped out, and Pikachu's eyes became wide as he regained light on the situation. Now he remembered; the last thing he had saw before his blackout was his friends and little brother barricading the same path. Pikachu groaned and pushed up, only to fall back down to recollect his air. He panted from strain; slabs of marble were piled up on his back, squeezing him to the ground. The electric mouse needed someone to aid him and he looked around for his friends. They were close-by but all of their bodies were on the ground, unmoving. They had fainted and were defeated; they didn't stand chance against the ringleader either. Pikachu glared ahead, which was the only thing he could do now, at the man who was the only one standing.

"Jene!" He called out, "Jene no! Stop!"

The blonde-haired human clothed in a regal violet and gold Full Dress uniform turned his head and looked over his shoulder at Pikachu, "What are you trying to say, creature?" He asked, his voice being a mix of gruff and condescending.

"Don't do this!" Pikachu begged, "Your goals are wrong. Nothing good comes from revenge! Please think about this."

Jene's eyes narrowed, his voice remained unchanged, "You don't understand anything. If I don't do this, things will not go back to normal. My Family will continue to grieve and you, you pokemon will reign as the better species of the world. I can't allow that, not after what I've seen. Since you are a free pokemon, you don't understand my feelings."

Pikachu became silent.

Jene continued, "Pokemon are a dangerous race. When I return, there will be changes." The man turned back to the stairs and raised up his arms, "Yes, things will be different. I will bring new rules to you pokemon so such a catastrophe will never happen again. After all, we were destined to be the best trainers in the entire world!"

Jene lowered his arms and once again headed up the steps towards his inevitable destiny. Before his foot could fall on the eighth step, a thin bolt of electricity flit from behind him and whipped the stairs leaving a scorch.

Jene slowly turned, and saw the yellow rodent give out a stare of utmost defiance. Electric currents sparked around his red cheek marks.

"He and I had good times together." Pikachu said, inhaled, then pushed up against the slabs of rock that pinned him down, "That kid, that Red, he is a very good kid! We had such great adventures together on our way up here."

Pikachu took in some more breaths, three more, and the rocks were slowly quivering off. One slab fell right next to him. He continued to speak, "We have gone through many hardships, all because of his goal. Tell me, why would a wild pokemon like me help a human? Why would I help him considering his past associations? Unlike him, you're bitter to your core."

The blonde human looked unconcerned as Pikachu kept talking. "He's been succeeding, getting this far, through ways unlike yours. He will be the one to save everyone, human and pokemon!"

"Enough." Jene said and turned back, resuming his walk up the steps, "Take care of him."

"WAIT!" cried Pikachu. Another piece of rock fell off of him and the weight was vanishing. He took in another breath, groaned and pushed up, knocking the last piece off of him. "JENE!" The freed Pikachu began to scramble towards the flight of stairs, his red headband fluttering in the air. But before he could reach it, his body suddenly froze and was hemmed in by complete shadow.


The rodent became blind, his voice drowned in silence, and there was nothing.

Ch 1 & 2

One important factor of an adventure was to test a person's patience; and to one young man, the fruits of adventure were what made him enjoy it. Pokemon training allowed him to travel the world by his own pace, to see the world, and his favorite, to feel the anticipation of what was to come his way. Perseverance and the thrill to follow a purpose made him the best choice to go after someone.

A boy in a gray outfit looked down in his hand, which held a brown oval-shaped device with a screen. He pressed down on a padded button and scrolled through name after name upon the screen until one grabbed his attention.

His eyebrows jumped up, "Ah ha, Violet City." He said, and then looked towards the forest entrance that stood in front of him, "Let's go get him! You first."

A large tall pokemon lunged ahead and broke into the fringe of the forest. His trainer followed, mouth forming into a smile, "I hope you're ready for me. What will you do, Red?"


[ PokeNav ]

Person: Becalming Thunder, Fire Red

Current Location: Violet City

Strategy: Speed and special attacks

Trainer's PKMN: Electric

Introduction: N/A


01: Small Refuge

Flourishing around Violet City had to be the quietest forest the boy has ever seen. He hasn't even encountered a single flock of Pidgey as he approached town, or maybe his ears have missed them. He never heard the grating sound of foliage being rustled by wings; there was a caw or two, but that was far less than usual. It was a warm Spring day but it felt like the opposite, like the sun went down and every bit of life had went to sleep for the night.

Closing in on the city, Fire Red would usually hear the voices of the citizens and their pokemon. However, it was so silent that it felt melancholy. Red exited Johto Route 31 and entered Violet City, his first impulse being to swing his head from side to side and to look for signs of life. He then looked down, feeling a tug near the cuff of his pants.

Pika Pika!

"Hey Red," A yellow rodent pokemon wearing a red headband looked up at the boy, "We'll find a way. Don't give up!"

Red looked down to see Pikachu with his long bunny-like ears pulled back, a look of concern on his face. The trainer checked over his shoulder to see another small-sized rodent pokemon. Tail shape, pink cheeks, and body color were like Pikachu's but the ears were wider and edged with black fur. "Brother said we'll find a way and don't give up," It said, "that is what you want, right Red?"

"Pichu?" Red faced the city again and grabbed the black visor of his hat, "Yeah," he murmured, "you're right."

Regardless of the situation, Violet was still one of Johto's most serene villages. It was called the "Old Village of Scents", and the citizens that were once here took pride in their floristry and care in berries. Furthermore, Violet's trainers were attached to nature and many pokemon from the surrounding area were simply the flying, grass, water, and normal type. Violet City was also home to the first pokemon gym that Johto trainers would encounter.

Followed by his two rodent pokemon, Red proceeded to the far north of town. He reached a bridge passing over a lake and crossed over, stopping right in front of a wooden pagoda. All three leaned their heads back, looking up at the tower with awe.

"Sprout Tower, huh?" said Red.

"Whoooa, must be two-hundred feet tall!" said Pichu.

"Maybe more than that," said Pikachu.

"Doesn't seem that tall," Red said, shifting his stare to the entrance, "I hope at least one person is here in Violet, especially in this tower."

"Sure it's safe Red?" asked Pikachu.

"I wonder if it's safe too Brother." Said Pichu.

"It has to be," Red nodded his head and walked through the entrance, "some people live in here." Pikachu and Pichu simply follow the boy's lead.

Inside, the ground floor was completely empty but Red was easily met with the tower's unique and elegant design. Dark wood covered the walls and flooring, and sturdy columns of spiral design stood around the wide room. Oil lamps hung across the walls and provided Red an adequate amount of light to see stairs in the far upper right. The trio moved the stairs, leading up to the middle floor. The middle floor was the same and they head up another flight of stairs, entering the top floor. Fire Red looked around and saw nothing, not even more stairs. The trainer bowed his head and sighed through his nose, "even the monks aren't here." He whispered.

Pika Pi Pi

Pikachu tugged on Red's pants again, "It's okay Red. Let's check elsewhere. There's got to be someone."

Red heard Pikachu's apparently reassuring animal cries, but didn't turn back to the stairs. Instead, he walked towards the far wall of the room where he saw two big gold statues of plant pokemon standing apart from one another. Both pokemon had stem-like bodies with leaf-like arms, and their heads were shaped like bells.

Red stopped in front of the statues and looked up at them, "I was told that in Violet, the symbol of Bellsprout is a sign of goodwill," Pikachu and Pichu flanked the trainer, looking up at the two Bellsprouts with interest. Red continued, "With that, all beings can exist as one."

"So you truly are a good boy, Fire." Said a voice.

Fire Red, Pikachu and Pichu briskly spun around, seeing a looming figure approach them from the stairs. Stepping closer, the person was revealed to be an elderly man wearing brown tricivara clothing, which was the symbol of a monk. Only pristine white hair covered his eye ridges and chin.

Red let out a sigh of relief and said, "Elder Li."

"Fire, it looks like you're not with the others?" asked Li, "Or have I mistaken? If you are with them, then I would have to kindly ask you to leave."

An alarmed Red raised his hands, "Wait Elder Li, I am here because I need help!" The senior monk arched an eyebrow. The trainer continued, "I had hoped to find someone with an answer to all of this."

"So I have mistaken?"

The Elder reached the trio, walking past them to sit in between the statues. Red stood still and started at Li for seconds until he registered that the monk, according to the fixed look in his eyes, wanted the young trainer to sit as well. The boy nodded, positioned himself in front of the elder, squatted low until his read end touched the floor, and then crossed his legs. His gloved hands grasped his knees; Pikachu and Pikchu sat next to him, one pokemon per side.

"Fire, I am the only one here in this tower and the entire city of Violet." Said Li.

"What?" Red exclaimed.

"If there was a citizen here who has survived this catastrophe, that he or she might have left the town and I didn't notice."

"Really, everyone is gone?"


"Even Falkner?"


Fire Red averted his eyes from Elder Li, who then reached out and clapped Red's own hand. Red's body flinched at both the feel and sound of the clap and he quickly returned eye contact. Elder Li looked down at Red's fingers, his eyes narrowing at a metal ring around the finger next to the pinky. A stone designed like a lightning bolt served as a centerpiece of the ring, clustered by tiny yellow topaz stones. Li then looked up to the boy, who looked surprised.

"Why do you still wear it?" The Elder asked with a stern face. The boy blinked his eyes, still a little startled. Li spoke, "Didn't you say that I was mistaken?"

Pikachu turned to Pichu, "The old man is not going to kick us out is he?"

"I hope not. Red is a good kid." said Pichu, "Red, tell him how you feel."

"Pichu?" Red have his pokemon a quick glance before he answered, "Elder, I think I know what you're thinking. But, I wear it because—" Then Red paused to think. Elder Li had near unshakable patience, staring into the boy's brown eyes, which reflected the opposite. There was a feeling of nervousness as Red's irises looked unstill. "Elder, it is not all their fault. Times are hard." He somewhat digressed to first let out his excuses, and paused again, before truly answering, "This ring is, this ring is, it is a reminder to my mother."

Elder Li finally let go of Red's hand, "A homage?"

The boy nodded his head, "I also wear it to tell me that I must save her and everyone else, and that the corruption must stop." Red said, then his head leaned over, and his tone became glum, "Except I don't know what to do."

Both Pikachu and Pichu readily moved next to Red's knees, pushing their small paws against the boy's hands. "Red!" They both cry out, but Red did not respond. Li could only hear their "Pi" sounds that were obviously conceived as cryptic animal talk, but even he was aware how concerned the two were. The elder gave himself five seconds of silence then softly placed his hand on Red's shoulder.

"You'll know what to do," Li said, "because you are strong."

Red raised his head and looked up into Li's eyes. The youth looked to be grasped in hopelessness, his eyes solemn as if he wanted to sleep. However, the elder monk looked unaffected by it and a smile would form between his untrimmed gray beard, "It seems that it is destiny for pokemon trainers to perform feats." Li said.

"Huh? 'Feats'?" Red's eyelids part a little to show that the boy was curious.

"Long ago pokemon training was at its peak," Li began to explain, "Trainers of different types, young and old, male and female, traveled all over the world. There have been tales about how trainers would face off against terrible crime groups such as Team Rocket and the Indigo League's Elite Four. Because of the close bond they shared with their pokemon, they managed to defeat them. This should be a similar case."

The young Red was engrossed by Li's words, his eyes never even blinked. He also heard of similar stories and easily felt them to be true. Li closed with, "This is a bizarre moment that will go down in history, but I think that you Fire, like others in history, can do this. This is a part of a trainer's pride."

Both Li and Red rose from the floor; Li still had his hand on the boy's shoulder, who once again lowered his head. "But what if I can't do it?" Red asked, "What if I can't help anyone?"

"You have got to believe in yourself," Li said while maintaining his smile, "I'm sure you don't want to stand around and do nothing. You already made one choice already: you decided upon yourself that you wanted to go the right way."

Red quickly lifted his head. He felt Li's other hand touch his shoulder, and the youth felt fully convinced that the elder meant what he said.

"It may be hard to see Fire, but inside of you is a very strong heart." Li said and pulled his hands away from Red's shoulders. Red looked down to see his two electric pokemon staring up at him, smiling, then looked back at Li. Finally, a smile formed, "I knew that you could help me Elder." The boy said.

Elder Li nodded his head and dropped his smile, returning to his serious look, "Now, I've never been a pokemon trainer but have learned plenty from those who lived and passed through Violet City. I'll start by saying that I will allow you to stay here so that you can rest."

Red was quiet but watched intently, nodding his head. Li continued, "Next, to face and defeat any obstacle is the destiny of a trainer. You must hone your technique if you are to go against the Elites," he paused for a moment, "and maybe one day, go against the one who has caused the tragedy."

The young trainer's gaze lowered, already feeling the burden as a tightening in his chest. Pikachu tugged on Red's pants, "Red, chin up. You must always chin up. We're here for you. Remember why you chose to do this."

Pichu translated Pikachu's words to his trainer, who lifted his head to return his gaze to Li. The boy smiled, "You're right Pikachu. I got to do this so that I can get everyone back. It will be a big task but I want to save both races, both human and pokemon."

"If you could do that then I'll commend you for the rest of my days." Said Li.


Fire Red, Pikachu and Pichu depart from Sprout Tower, crossing over the lake and moving left, a dome-shaped building entering their line of sight. Li's last words to Red were: "Go to the Violet City gym to start things off. You can find something there that can help you."

The trio moved to the dome's front door and entered, walking into a low-lit room. Inside was very wide and round, and above they could see the bricked underside of the dome. The sun filtered through an oculus inside the dome as a ray of light, touching the center of the room. The three moved further in and their feet met with a shining plywood floor covered by painted court lines. It extended far across the room and to the other side.

Fire Red was quiet; the Violet gym was depressingly vacant like its home city, but after the old monk's sincere words, Red stayed placid. On the other side of the gym stood two pillars, and between them was a symbol engraved into the wall. Red and his pokemon moved in to further inspect the symbol, which could be best described as a pair of white curved wings. Underneath the symbol was a plaque hanging on the wall stating the following: "Violet City: Gym Leader Falkner, the Elegant Master of the sky. 'Fly towards your beliefs and never give up'."

Reading the plaque, Red squeezed his hands into fists, "Falkner, I never had a chance to fight him before this all happened. Somehow, I got to get him back." He said. His gaze moved from the plague back to the symbol above it, "And to do that, I need his gym's badge."

"I heard of badges," said Pikachu, "it is said that they contain special powers that make pokemon stronger."

Red listened to his Pichu's translation and nodded, "The badges also allow trainers to use Hidden Machines (HM) with their pokemon. If we're going to get stronger, we should collect the machines."

Pichu turned his head towards Pikachu, "Red as taught me a lot during our travels, brother. I heard that Hidden Machines are essential to a trainer's journey." He said, "but you need the badges to use them."

"So not only is a badge a symbol of how skillful trainer is, it can make pokemon stronger and make them use powerful moves." said Pikachu.

"Yeah, but we need to fight the gym leader in order to get a badge." Said Pichu. The younger rodent looked up at the symbol, "Red, no matter what, stay positive."

"I will Pichu, thank you." Said Red.

"Maybe you should rest?" asked Pichu, "Resting is a good idea."

"Yes, then you can have more thinking and action energy tomorrow." Pikachu added.

Red sighed and took off his hat, spun around, and was suddenly taken aback by a new sight. An indistinct person stood in the way of the door leading back outside.

"I finally found you," The newcomer spoke, and in the voice of a boy.

Red felt an intake of air rush through his lungs and the rims of his eyes spread outward. "That voice," He whispered. The stranger would advance in steady steps, stopping underneath the dome's oculus to bask in the sunlight. There in the center of the gym floor, the new boy fully revealed himself to the trio. He looked no older than Red, a pre-teen with a lean build; he wore a simple pair of gray cargo pants and a hip-length short sleeved duffle coat. His coat was unfastened, showing a brown shirt underneath. A black silk band was wrapped around his head. The boy's most distinct features were his spiked dark red hair and his (apparently) fused eyelids.

"It's been a while," He said, smirking, "Red. I was on a search for something cool but you had to mess it up."

"Shing!" Fire Red exclaimed. Pikachu without hesitation ran in front of Red and gave the stranger a gaze, pitching his tail. Even in front of the passive-aggression, the new kid didn't give up his smile, "Hey Red, our eyes have met. So you know what that means?"

Red didn't say a word, leaving Shing to answer.

"That means we must have a battle!"

Ch 3

02: Voice of Falkner I

"Our eyes have met so you know what that means," Shing reached down and touched a pokeball clung to his belt, "We must have a battle!"

It was one of the customs of Pokemon training; as if their boiling fighting spirits called out to one another, when two or more trainers made eye contact, they had to battle. Shing held a smile of confidence in contrast to Red's hesitant expression. Red didn't want to bother with a battle today despite it being unavoidable, but what was really causing his concern was something he noticed with Shing's pokeballs. While common pokeballs were red and white, Shing's were a peculiar gray color with bluish pearls around it.

I may be overwhelmed, Red thought while frowning, but his two electric pokemon didn't seem to share his anxiety and gave Shing a challenging look. Pikachu was already standing in front of Red as if to guard him.

"So you have two electric pokemon right? Since I was chosen to search for you, you're unlucky! GO!" With one small yank of his arm, Shing freed the pokeball from his belt and threw it at Pikachu. It landed a yard in front of the rodent and opened, unleashing a burst of light. Pikachu swiftly threw himself to the side to make distance before the creature fully materialized. The new pokemon's body took a shape in seconds, beating Pika a couple feet in height and also levitating above the gym floor. Pika still bared his fangs, even now with two blood red eyes glaring right at him.

Fire Red balled one hand into a fist, his face cringing at the situation; I knew they were heavy balls, the boy quietly thought. The two eyes flashed at the worried trainer and a voice spoke out, "You look nervous kid."

"W-what?" Red looked surprised, staring at the new pokemon. Solid stone covered its entire crescent-shape exterior and it had a tiny beak for a mouth. Red noticed that the voice was directed to him, but the pokemon's beak didn't move, "If you want to avoid this, then return. Return to us." It said.

"How about this Red? If you lose, you can come back and get pardoned, what do you say?" Shing said then pointed a finger at the Pikachu, "Okay pest, let's see if you can handle Lunatone! Tackle attack!"

Like a bird to a worm, the moon-shaped pokemon instantly swooped forward at Pikachu. The yellow rodent bounced to one side, avoiding the simple rush attack. Quickly, Fire Red took out his pokedex and pointed it at Shing's pokemon. The device's voice activated immediately, "Lunatone, a lunar rock and psychic pokemon. Its psychic abilities strengthen at night, especially during the full moon."

"A rock and a psychic?" While being astonished, Red also sounded like he was clueless about the pokemon from Hoenn. Shing would not drop his smile, "Yep! He's a new addition to my group." He said, "He is able to speak through telepathy as well. With both defense and special attack power on my side, your Pikachu—"

As Shing paused, Red's pokemon cried out loud, "Pikaaaaaaaaa!" And then slid across the gym floor after being tackled hard by Lunatone. Shing would then add, "is as good as beat."

"Pikachu!" Red screamed on instinct. Pichu tugged on the cuff of Red's trousers, "Red, let me fight! Special attacks should work on it."

"Wait Pichu," Red ordered, thinning his eyes as he focused on the battle, "Pikachu's not out of this. Since Lunatone is not a ground type, your brother's attacks should work."

"Really Red? Show me what you got!" Shing provoked and ordered his next attack, "Lunatone, rock throw!"

Once Pikachu got back onto his four feet, he nearly fell over. From the underlying gym floor came a tremor; Lunatone had zipped into the air and slammed the ground, the shock creating cracks across the floor. The moon's eyes light up and pieces of rock one by one began to float around it.

"Pikachu, thundershock!" Red commanded. But Shing quickly ordered, "Lunatone, use your rock throw as a defense."

Sight set on Lunatone, Pikachu rushed ahead without fear and attacked. Small jagged bolts of lightning streamed from his cheeks, crashing into rock, but not Lunatone's body. Some of the slabs of stone that surrounded Lunatone moved right in front of it and exploded into dust as the bolts hit them.

"Okay, fire!" said Shing. The rocks were thrown at Pikachu by Luna's telepathy. The brown hairs on Pikachu's back bristled at the incoming stones. He knew that getting hit would obviously hurt, and Pika's mind raced on how to dodge as much as he could. He jumped left but another rock flew at his face. Red cheeks flashed and the rock exploded from another thundershock. Pikachu's front view was covered by dust for a second, and before he could react, pain hit him in between his eyes. His face was bombarded by smaller plates of rock; Shing was laughing and clapping his hands with glee, "Lunatone, you're pretty cool!"

There was another attempted dodge and a cry, "Pikaaaaaaaaa!" Pikachu went airborne as Luna rushed under him, the top end of its crescent-like body hitting Pika's belly while he was in mid jump.

That wasn't bad, Red thought, he's terrible.

"Hey Red, if you come back, we can save the world." Shing folded his arms, "To tell you the truth, battling is more fun when we're friends. Fighting you to get you to do something is like bullying. I'm not into it at all."

Even though it looked like that Shing was going to win any second now (and he must've thought so too), Fire Red lowered and shook his head, "I can't do that," he said.

Shing bumped his eyebrows, "Why? Oh come on, you know it's against the rules to leave the Family."

"I don't want to be in some 'ruling class'. You're making war."

"Our enemy is making war!"

"I'm going to find a different way."

"Are you scared or something? No pokemon should get away with doing this. I hope you know that you're on your own!"

"No, I'm not."

"What do you plan to do with two electric pokemon?"

Red raised his head and glared at Shing with eyes that easily showed a sign that he wasn't going to back down from his word. To Shing, it was easily a look of stubborness. Pikachu had landed on his belly from the last tackle, and while he was prone the next command was issued to Lunatone by Shing, "Tackle him until he feints!"

Lunatone reared back then made a beeline for the downed Pikachu. Pika faced his foe and his cheeks glowed for another electric attack.

Shing waved one arm, "No problem!" With Lunatone's special defense, there was no worry in bearing a direct thundershock.

"Pikachu, stop him!" As Red's voice, lightning shot through the air again and hit Lunatone as expected. Red eyes squinted and Lunatone braked in front of the rodent, shuddering. Instead of getting toasted by the thundershock, the moon pokemon was literally stopped; Shing was actually surprised, his smile replaced with a frown, "What's this?"

Red sighed with relief, "Thunder wave."

"Thunder wave huh?" Shing's smile returned, "Okay, you're fighting hard now, but can you feint Lunatone?"

With Lunatone's lack of movement, that's all Pikachu had left to do. Red raised his hand and commanded, "Thundershock!" Pika unleashed more lightning bolts, the stiff Lunatone unable to do much but receive the singing shots. Burn marks covered its stone body but it was still in the fight. The glow in its eyes remained; Pikachu raised himself and stared back, not intimidated, sparks appearing around his cheeks, "I'm ready to hit you again if you want!" Pika said to the moon pokemon, "This is over!" To the humans, it was typical animal gibberish of a pokemon saying his name. However, Fire Red and Shing could indicate on what he had said, thanks to Lunatone's reply through telepathy, "I'm not done."

In a flash, thin beams of light zipped from Luna's eyes and pierced the yellow rodent. The attack was harmless, but the next thing Pikachu knew he was glowing white. Then, he saw the gym floor underneath him shrink. Pikachu was suddenly flung upward and back down; next, he was propelled past Fire Red's head. Red heard a loud crash behind him; turning around quick, he saw Pikachu pinned against the wall. Once the white body aura faded, the rodent fell and was motionless.

"He has feinted." Lunatone said.

Shing let out a soft laugh, "The pokedex did say that Lunatone was rock and psychic. Now he just used confusion on Pikachu."

Picking up Pikachu in both arms, Red faced Shing, anger clear in his face, "Why you!"

But the optimist rock pokemon trainer only shrugged his shoulders, "Hey, I'm a Hadou after all. One of the toughest trainers around. Who knows? Maybe you can beat Lunatone with Pichu. But after that will be an even tougher challenge." Red only growled; Shing continued, "You can't win this way if you're on your own. Even with Lunatone defeated, I have pokemon capable of countering your electric types easily." Shing stretched out a hand as if to shake and make up, "Come back and let's do things the right way. We'll win if we're together."

Red wouldn't say anything yet. He crouched and placed the feinted Pikachu next to him, then reached down into his pants pocket while looking at the younger electric type. "'Fly towards your beliefs and never give up', that is what that plaque on the wall said."

"Sounds good to me," said Shing.

"That is what he said."


"Falkner. This was his gym." Rising, Red pulled out his hand, and whatever he carried was clenched inside of a fist, "You think you can beat me just by what type of pokemon you have. Like big must win over small, water must beat fire. Should I just give up because you're rock and I'm electric?" Red's eyes locked on Shing, "That's not what training and battling is all about!"

Before there was a word from Shing, Red heard a little cough. He looked back down next to him and widened his eyes, "Pikachu?"

"What?" shouted Shing.

The body of Pikachu was moving, standing back up on all four feet. Covered in bruises, he wouldn't take long to get back on the gym floor to face Lunatone, wording something in Poke language.

Pichu looked up at Red to translate, "Brother says that he can keep fighting."

Fire Red couldn't help but look surprised, "What?"

"Are you for real?" Shing said, "That's some Pikachu! Looks like we got to hit harder Lunatone. Let's try another rock throw!" More rocks began to float from the moon pokemon's telekinesis once more and were launched. Pikachu jumped – ahead and through the attack, his head crashing into Lunatone. Cheeks flickered with light and Pika's thundershock blasted into the rock pokemon's face. Lunatone's body flew backwards and spun across the floor; jaw dropped, the surprised Shing raised his gray pokeball and recalled Luna.

"Ya know, I think my favorite rock pokemon will work better in this." Shing said, "Give up while you can Pikachu. I'm quite sure you don't have much energy left." He had a look of disappointment upon his face, but only briefly. Before long, he was back to his smiling self, "heh, let's see if you can handle the pokemon with the best defense."

Author Notes: If there's any confusion, Fire Red can only understand Pichu (undisclosed reason). Pichu translates what other pokemon are saying for Red. Lunatone is the only one capable of clear "human speech" through telepathy. The quotes of Pichu can not be heard by Shing.