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Phoenix Road Saga (フェニックスロードサガ; 鳳凰道武勇談) is a possible series based on Future GPX Cyber Formula (新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ).


Title is based on Cyber formula game series "Road to the Infinity". There are four titles. Story may account Mikami Toma's racing career.


Touma Mikami[1]
  • Birthday: 8/5 (Leo)
(三神 刀真) Seventeen years old. Lead racer of Team PHOENIX JAPAN RACING (フェニックスジャパンレーシング). Character that is loud mouthed and thoughtless because of his hate-to-lose, unyielding temperament; it all stems from his love of racing. He drives the Advanced Phoenix. First person is "ore" (俺). For the story, his catchphrase is "Ho-ouuuuuu! Let's get fired up for racing!" Announcer calls him the "Flying Comet Phoenix" named after team and his attack "Comet Turn".
Andrea Dibiano
(アンドレア・ディビアーノ) A eighteen-year-old pro Italian racer and Toma's real rival. Lead member of Team CF Ground. Cool-headed genius and intolerant, he wants to crush his rivals. He irritates Touma; known for scar on forehead.


Sugo Asurada
AOI Formula
Unicorn Savior
Phoenix Japan Racing


Advanced Phoenix
(アドバンスドフェニックス) Touma's car. Contains an Aero Mode (high speed) and Circuit Mode. Aero gives the car a compact mode and retractable intake. Scheme is red and white.
Grand Falcon
(グランドファルコン) Andrea's car.


  • RTTI 3 starts at the 19th Cyber Formula Grand Prix (2024).