Naganobu Ban (伴 長信) was a Koga ninja. He appears in the fiction Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


Popular name is Tarozaemon (太郎左衛門). A member of Ban Family.

Leader of Ban Family who commanded Koga ninja for Nobunaga Oda and Yoshikata Rokkaku, as they both rivaled Omi Province's Asakura Family. Also may have supported Ieyasu against the Imagawa. There is relation to Oda during Honnoji Incident, possibly trying to deter the Akechi forces and prevent Oda from dying. May have died during Honnoji Incident (1582).

In Seishin
Skilled in Kumoden and Raiton escape methods; therefore, his troops are best in environments when vision or hearing is impeded. His favored weapon is a bow (Yumi).