Momochi Family

Momochi Family (百地氏) was an Iga Family and one of the Jōnin Three Houses. The family lived in Nabari (名張) region.


Not much is known about the Momochi Family except through the exploits of Tanba Momochi, who led both Iga and Koga ninja in the Tenshō Iga no Ran against Oda Nobunaga's army. Tanba was also known as Momochi Tanba of Hoojiro (喰代ノ百地丹波), suggesting that he had moved from Nabari, whether before or after Ran, or he was Hoojiro and then moved to Nabari later in his life.

The name Sandayuu Momochi (百地 三太夫) is also mention, whether it refers to Tanba himself or a relative of his (ie: a son).

Seishin Series

In Nabari, this family leads the Momochi Faction (藤林党争), who pursues both a united Iga Province and independence from the major noble families such as the Tokugawa. In other words, the faction wishes to form a neutral watari ninja group. Rivaling them is the Fujibayashi Faction, who follow the orders of Hattori Family, close vassals of the Tokugawa Family.

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