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Izumi-no-Kami, Saburo


Rokkaku Family

Izumo-no-kami Mochizuki (望月出雲守, mochizuki izumo-no-kami) was a well-known Koga ninja. He appears in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle; no-kami is a noble courtesy name.

Creation and Concept

Info on Izumo primarily states that he is the head of the Koga clan, and was nicknamed Koga Saburo (甲賀 三郎). Also, he seemed to have been skilled in smoke ninjutsu. There was also activity in the Chōkyō era (1487 -1489). It is said that he was like the Hanzo Hattori of Koga Ninja.

For his Seishin counterpart, very little ideas was thought of for Izumo until 2013, when it was decided to make him an addict to cannabis. The idea was inspired by the smoke ninjutsu, and a piece of art of Izumo with a beard and a kiseru pipe.

Kami is one of the administrative positions of the Ritsuryo system called Shitokan (四等官), along with, "Suke", "jo", and "sakan". The "Kami" who uses 守 in their name is a kokushi of a province. Formal name is unknown.

Character and Story

He is the leader of Mochizuki Family and a commander-like figure to the Koga Ninja in particular. Because of his notable ancestry, he is nicknamed Koga Saburo and is appealing to many. In Seishin, Izumo is often seen with a kiseru (煙管) and well-known for working for Takayori Rokkaku (六角 高頼; d.1520). The only time Izumo doesn't smoke is when he is in deep thought or when he is feasting with Takayori.

Parameters and Abilities

  • Ninjutsu - 5
  • Knowledge - 5
  • Battle Ability - 5
  • Heart – 5
  • Smoker – 4
  • Asthenopia – 3
Kemuri no jutsu
(煙の術 OR 煙術) Signature ninjutsu that is a part of Kayakujutsu (火薬術) or the art of gunpowder. Mochizuki makes full use of gunpowder or another material to create a veil of smoke to cover his figure or to distract others. He also uses smoke balls. In Seishin, Mochizuki can use the iron bowl of his kiseru to heat up explosives or to attack.


War Record

Magari Camp (1487 - 1489)
(鈎の陣; magari no jin) This battle in 1487 was a part of the Chokyo-Entoku Wars (長享・延徳の乱), and marked Mochizuki's rise to fame. He was under the service of Takayori Rokkaku (六角 高頼) against Ashikaga Yoshihisa (足利 義尚; 1465-1489).

Story appearances


Takayori Rokkaku
(六角 高頼) d.1520. He fought during the Onin War.