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The Family Crest of Mochizuki (九曜)

The Mochizuki (望月氏) is a family in Koka (Koga) district. It is the founder of Koka Ninjutsu Art. It is also known as a samurai family in Shinano Province.


The Mochizuki, along with the Unno (海野) and Nezu (根津), was a family that branched from the powerful Shigeno Family. Together, they were called the "Shigeno Three Houses" (滋野三家). Furthermore, the Kōsaka Family was a branch of the Nezu Family.

During the Heian Period, the notable ninjutsu line of this family began when Kaneie Saburo Mochizuki (望月 三郎兼家) took charge of the Koga District in Omi Province, obtaining the name "Koga Omi-no-Kami". Child of Kaneie formed the Koga ninjutsu style; the child's descendants may have formed the Uchitaka, Koga, Ugai, and Akutagawa families.

During the 15th century, One of the clans (Shigeno) that served Emperor Go-Daigo and his SOUTHERN Court. Omi-Mochizuki status is not known through sources but might've been the same. The Rokkaku-Sasaki had power struggles with Kyoto and Ashikaga (north court).

The Mochizuki's mountain castle, which fell in 1574, is close to the Sugitani's.

Family Members

Kaneie Saburo Mochizuki
(望月 三郎兼家) Founder during the Heian Period
Shigetaka Mochizuki
(望月 重隆) Either him or/and his child worked with Kiso Yoshitaka (木曽義高), and formed the family in Saku County, Shinano Province.
Kunichika Mochizuki
(望月 国親) Foster father of Yoshitaka Kiso (?).
Mochizuki Izumo no Kami
(望月 出雲守) A long-time leader within the Mochizuki family. His military exploits became well-known during the 15th century. Because of his ancestry and reputation, he is nicknamed Koga Saburo (甲賀三郎).
Shigeie Mochizuki
(望月 重家) The apparent author of Ninjutsu Hisho Ogiden no kan Makimono (1536). Father is apparently Kaneie Saburo Mochizuki himself (but might refer to the above mentioned Izumo-no-Kami).
Itaro Mochizuki
(望月 猪太郎) Fought for Oda Forces during the Iga Tenshō no Ran. He fought a member of Yamauchi family.
Heidayū Mochizuki
(望月 兵大夫) b.1574. A member of the Koga 11 group that fought in the Shimabara Rebellion.
Yoemon Mochizuki
(望月 与右衛門) b.1604. A member of the Koga 11 group that fought in the Shimabara Rebellion.
Moritoki Mochizuki & Chiyome Mochizuki
Husband and wife; the former is Shingen's nephew, while the latter is a popular kunoichi teacher.


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