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Middle Way Tanba (中道丹波; chūdō Tanba') is a story of the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.



It started off as a "random draft"; MGW wanted to to create a story about Tanba Momochi and express how strict he is. He turned out to be more mellow than first thought, and the story seems to taunt Ryo Tsukimori, having the other Iga possibly think that both Tanba and Ryo were "sterile". Also expresses Tanba's inner mind on the Middle Way of Buddhism. The story was completed June 2014.

Due to inconsistencies (and lack of confidence) with the date of when Takechiyo was taken to Sunpu (see trivia below), the date was changed from 1549. Consequently, this would change Shoutaro's year of birth.

Story Synopsis

In 1548, twelve Iga (Iga Sokoku Ikki) gather at Heirakuji Temple to discuss the hostage situation of young Takechiyo of the Matsudaira. Also, a prelude to the fictional Mikawa - Iga Guard Campaign. It was suggested that Kotarō Shindo would take part in castle sabotage, along with Kobei. After a discussion over how to check on Takechiyo, Iga leader Tanba Momochi congratulated Fujibayashi vassal Ryo on his unborn child. He also questioned him, or rather proposed, if he would have a child with others.

After the meeting, Momochi and Ryo have a casual discussion. It was thought that Ryo only had a single wife due to following hereditary merit, and Momochi commended Ryo for being selfless.


Real World Trivia Events

  • Takechiyo's being a hostage did happen. His father Hirotada Matsudaira wanted the Imagawa clan's help, and Yoshimoto Imagawa made the condition to do so if he took his heir. MGW has faced confusion, due to checking various historical articles, whether the captured happened in either 1547 or 1548. Two articles, about Yasumitsu Toda and the second Battle of Azukizaka[1][2]. Also, Toda died in 1547.
  • Yasumitsu Toda was Hirotada's father-in-law; Hirotada married his daughter.