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MGW Works Wiki is a free encyclopedia designed by the amateur online author Master Gray Wolf.


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Created on December 27, 2009, MGW Works Wiki, also known as Doggie Corner Works, is a comprehensive database about Master Gray Wolf's stories for readers and visitors. Along with writing, she is passionate about information gathering and learning. For approximately a decade, she have used the alias 'Master Gray Wolf' for her online writing, and continues to work on improving her craft. She has done fan fiction, most notably from the Monster Rancher series and Saint Seiya series, and original fiction works. She mostly aims for younger readers and does many simple stories on action, adventure, and drama.

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  • Bold means notable works or/and lengthy series.


Original Fiction

Unfinished/Upcoming Works

This list also includes works that are discontinued. They are added to the lists above is when a chapter is created.



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