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Silver Moon Guardian Lunasaber


Fantasy (myth), Mecha

Starting Date

N/A. Canceled



Silver Moon Guardian Lunasaber (銀月騎士・ ルナサーベル, gingetsu shugosha ・ runasaberu) is a canceled mech fiction (see Mech/Mecha) by Master Gray Wolf. It was planned to be a short story with at least three chapters.



The idea of Lunasaber being a mecha fiction was aspired by MGW in the Summer of 2010 with the tiny idea of using a "white knight mecha based on mythology". On March 27, 2011, ideas further expanded on the possible story. The idea of using the Titanomachy in the setting was first for another planned short story about an ageless boy knight.

Proposed Plot/Elements/Ideas

March 27

In Alternative Greece, the region of Thessaly is the location of a clash between two empires: The Titans (Ti-tânes) and The Olympians (Δωδεκάθεον). Each empire consist of twelve tribes, each serving a God (from Greek Myth) a part of a strife for who gets to rule Heaven. The battle and the anger of the Gods caused lots of destruction on Earth, from floods to fires. As avatars, each Titan and Olympian God beseech their respective followers to determine the outcome of the war by battling on Earth. This is done through the use of Prota Armors (derived from protathlitis, πρωταθλητής, meaning champion), giant armors powered by God Jewels. Because of the giant armors, Earth's human clash was called the First Steel Titanomachy (Aτσάλι Τιτανομαχία).

The story is centered on a member of one of the Hyperion (Titan) tribes, Chieftainess Selene and her Prota Armor LunaSaber. Not only struggling to win the war for Light (solar; brightness), she is also having a struggle with twins Thanatos and Hypnos's (The Night Goddess Nyx's followers) tribes of darkness. Many of her friends, including her husband Endymion, were killed. She also has a rivalry with an Olympian tribe heir, Diana (of Artemis tribe; moon).

Nyx and Hades (the sibling of Titan Cronus), are in a joint campaign to defeat the Titan Light Tribes (mainly Hyperion and Thia) to keep the Olympians in power. Nyx is responsible for imprisoning Cronos.

Endymion and Selene would marry to form a bond between Zeus and Hyperion tribes. However, Thantaos and Hypnos murdering Endymion was an offense against the Olympian Zeus, brother of Hades. So Hades tries to work hard to help him win against the Titans during the war so that he could avoid punishment.


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