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Seishin is planned to be a collection of mostly short stories. They cover fictional and non-fictional events and characters within pre-modern Japan. Primarily, the point of the ninja. Many stories will have four or five chapters at most; the single chapters are called "One-shots" and are usually something like poetry or something to promote the series. The stories are split into Japanese era names (年号, nengō) which denote different events.

Because of the length of the Muromachi Peroid (室町時代; 1336–1573), it's split into three peroids: Kenmu Restoration (南北朝時代; 1333–1336), North and South Courts (南北朝時代; 1336–1392), and Warring States Period (戦国時代; 1493 - 1590).

Some of the stories contain a "Character Scroll", a foreword before the chapter. It is mostly written by another character such as members of the Fujibayashi Family or daimyo. It serves like a record.

Asuka Period (飛鳥時代; 592–710)

Unknown (story possible)
Prince Shotoku employs two shadow agents from the Otomo poet family (The Sokkan) to defend the 17 Article Constitution and the Lotus Sutra. Era Date is 608 (Pre-Taika).

Heian Period (平安時代; 794 - 1185)

North and South Courts (南北朝時代; 1336–1392)

Onin War (応仁の乱; 1467 - 1477) and after

Red Fangs of Fuuma (1480; Iga and Fuuma)
In a dispute, set where a descendent of Hattori Hanzo is tasked to assassinate Hojo Souun and meets up with the king of Bandits.
I am a cat (1482; Koga)
Izumo-no-kami is ordered by his Lord to take care of a mouse raid, caused by a demon in limbo.

Warring States Period (戦国時代; 1493 - 1590)

1493 - 1549

1550 - 1574

1575 - 1600

Autumn Grove (1579)
Wrath of Toku (1579)
Details are still in the works. during the alliance bteween Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga, the conspiracy event surrounding Ieyasu's wife Tsukishima, his son Nobuyasu, and Oda's daughter Tokuhime, which led to Tsukishima's death.

1583 - 1620

Tenshō Iga no Ran series (天正伊賀乱; 1578, 1579, 1581, 1582)

Macabre Traitor
(不気味な売国奴) 1581. Follows Kai Shimoyama.

Edo Period (江戸時代; 1603–1868)

Present Time (21st Century)

Set during alternative modern time.

Sannen Nindō Gakkō
(三年忍道学校; Three Year Nindō Academy) Comedic series where familiar figures of history and characters of history are a part of a Shinobi Junior High school (中学校; chūgakukokō). Title might be changed. Characters enter chugaku at age 12.
21st Century SpecOps
Stories about the Neo Oniwabanshū.


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