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Gathering and Black Robes

Chapter 1 - Open your eyes to a nightmare
(悪夢に目を開け) About a year after the Pallas-Saturn war, Koga and Eden intend to visit a town's local museum as a part of their leisurely travels, until the Silver Saints Hound Miguel, Booter Bayer, and Whale Menkar relay orders that Athena's Saints must return to the Sanctuary. They meet up with Shaina, who takes them to Athena's Temple, where they meet a unfamiliar woman. Sensing an aggression from the woman, Shaina prepares to battle, but is suddenly attacked by Miguel and Menkar.
Chapter 2 - Dark Intentions, Dark Cloths
(暗い意図、暗い聖衣) Bayer, Menkar, and Miguel deliberately attacked Shaina and the colors of their Cloths suddenly change to a sparkling black. Eden and a raging Kouga counterattack their companions, who seem to be under the complete submission of the strange woman. She orders them to attack Athena.
Chapter 3 - Pegasus's Resistance
(ペガサスの抵抗!) Sagittarius Seiya prevents the Silver Saints from touching Athena, and the mysterious woman reveals that Menkar, Miguel, and Bayer were wearing Suplices, the armors of the Underworld. While expressing her contempt towards Athena's Saints, she also unveils her aim to revive the Underworld. Seiya suddenly feels pain, but prepares to rebel. The Pope appears, revealing the woman to be the Goddess of Harvest.
Chapter 4 - Declaration of War
(宣戦布告) Demeter, The Goddess of Harvest, also known as the Mother Goddess, elicits the rage of Seiya, who defeats the controlled Silver Saints. Athena, after calming Seiya, tries to persuade Demeter to not follow along with her goal to revive the Underworld. It is useless, and the Pope accepts it wholeheartedly. Athena senses the Cosmos of various Saints balancing between life and death.
Chapter 5 - Reignited
(火がついた) In Palestra, Lionet Souma and Hydra Ichi are instructors for the Steel Saints, including Emma from the Pallas-Saturn battle. They are suddenly attacked by a cloaked enemy, who takes out Ichi and a student of Palestra Josh effortlessly.
Chapter 6 - Reignited Crimson
(丹紅が再燃した)The cloaked enemy is revealed to be the former Scorpio Saint, Sonia. Souma angrily fights back, but without much effect. Sonia is not repressed with emotions this time, her betrayal to Demeter seemingly genuine. She easily defeats Souma.
Chapter 7 - Leaving the Blue Winter
(青色の冬を出る)In Siberia, Cygnus Hyouga receives two letters. One was from his friend Jakov, who gives an account of his training, and from the Sanctuary about his summon to the Twelve Temples. Suddenly, as if by fate, Aquarius Camus stands before Hyouga.
Chapter 8 - Cygnus, to the sea
(キグナスは, 海に行く) Camus tries to persuade Hyouga to join the Gold Saints. While watching the Arctic Ocean, Hyouga falls off a cliff, only to be saved by Camus. However, Camus drops Hyouga into the ocean and reveals to be another identity. The new identity has a goal to seek out the life of Haruto.
Chapter 9 - "What do I like to hear?"
In a village, Integra investigates demons called Hellebore (ヘレボルス; also called Christmas Rose). While chasing a boy seemingly fully possessed, she is trapped in a net that engulfs her with raging Cosmo. The boy turned out to be an illusion set up by Gemini Paradox, whose hate towards her sister Integra and Athena is revived.
Chapter 10 - Dragon Peace, Cool Guy
(ドラゴン平和。 かっこいい漢) In Rozan (China), Ryuho is a spiritual instructor. After a long absence, a man named Suikyo Bakushima returns to class, much to Ryuho's happiness. Instead of resuming class, Suikyo instead expresses his recent thoughts, questioning the Dragon Saint about "demons".
Chapter 11 - Departure of an enemy and a friend
Before leaving Athena's Temple, Demeter takes the Ophiuchus Cloth with the assistance of her warrior Loom Pan. Shaina receives a fatal attack from Pan, and explains that her Cloth contains a secret, which can only be used at the cost of her life. She dies in Kouga's arms.
Chapter 12 - Race To Naxos
Koga is despondent after Shaina's death, but both the Pope and Seiya insist that he finds his fighting spirit for everyone's sake. Athena states that the Bronze Saints must fully reunite first and are ordered to go to Naxos Island, Demeter's home region. Eden and Kouga are sent to a village named Pavlin for Yuna and Shun.
Chapter 13 - Deadly Petals for Her
Yuna and Shun, in a rebuilt village supporting orphans, have a fight on their own side. Yuna meets a familiar face and protects the village from an attack against walking corpses.
Chapter 14 - the Legendary Nebula? Saviors of Pavlin
After Yuna is downed by Royal Demon Rose, Andromeda Shun arrives to face against the resurrected Cancer Schiller and Pisces Amor. Shun saves Yuna from being taken, and Eden and Kouga appear to help.
Chapter 15 - The Missed Shot
Protecting Yuna and Shun, Eden and Kouga take on Amor and Schiller respectively. Amor suggests that he accepts Demeter reviving him and there is a purpose behind it; Schiller respects the chance to have payback.. Suddenly, Schiller collapses; after taking an attack, Eden sees a screaming Kouga.
Chapter 16 - Laugh of the Underworld
(冥王の笑い) Eden is suddenly taken to Yomatsu Hirasaka (Underworld entrance), where he meets Hermes, the new Cancer Saint with an easy-going personality. Hermes mercilessly kills Schiller, and shows Eden a strange phenomenon from the mountain leading to the Underworld. He mentions that that the Underworld needs to return and that it's his job to let Eden stay in Hirasaka.
Chapter 17 - Acala & Devil
(アチャラとデビル) Virgo Fudou makes a sudden appearance in the Underworld and questions Hermes's actions and use of words. Hermes takes Eden back to the living plane and the two Golds have a talk about Demeter's plan. While Hermes goes to retrieve Integra, Fudou conducts his investigation of the Underworld while in Yomatsu. Yuna, Kouga and Eden head for Athens Port, while Shun stays in Pavlin. Souma and Haruto also made to the Port, and surprisingly, so did Aquarius Hyouga.

Cyclades Invasion

Map of Ancient Greece from The Humanistic Tradition (Fiero)

Chapter 18 - Disorder of Cyclades
(キクラデス諸島の騒乱) A boat with five Bronze Saints and Aquarius Hyouga head towards Naxos, but Demeter blinds them by a great fog and are deterred by a blizzard that freezes the entire sea. When the Saints' boat get stuck and starts to sink, they are attacked by the revived Scorpio Sonia. Souma takes her on, and everyone separates themselves among the islands of Cyclades to seek Naxos. Ryuho and Kouga meet the next revived Saint, a soul from the Realm of Ashura, and are unable to pass.
Chapter 19 - “Your enemy is him!”? Ryuho's courage
(お前の敵は彼奴だ!? 龍峰の勇気) Peculiarly, Demeter chose to give a deeper trust to the revived Libra Genbu, but only at the expense of the Bronzes' lives. The Gold Saint, having existed within the Realm of Ashura, tells Ryuho and Kouga to revive deeper strength in order to face a bigger threat. Ryuho, giving Koga the chance to head for Naxos, faces Genbu alone.
Chapter 20 - From hypocrisy to a heroic life.
(偽善から健気な命) Sonia and Souma's revenge match at an amphitheater. Sonia is not inhibited by her feelings; Souma is overwhelmed by each blow of Scarlet Needle and is losing consciousness. Somehow, he continues to stand, surprises Sonia. After Sonia uses her Maelstorm, she senses an intense Cosmo similar to a God's.
Chapter 21 - It’s a draw?! Sonia’s Commitments
There is a strange exchange between Sonia and Souma, the latter still standing after receiving critical blows. Sonia received a single strike that defeated her instantly, which made her question the powers Athena has with humans. On another island, Yuna faces Pisces Amor while Eden heads for Naxos, but Eden is hit by Amor's rose.
Chapter 22 - Can Saints create miracles? Strike down the dark garden!
(聖闘士は奇跡を作れますか?暗黒の庭を討つ) Yuna is trapped within Amor's Olbers Garden, which prevents her from sensing Cosmos, leaving her helpless against Amor's roses. While not an illusion, it's a psychological attack; Fudou assists Yuna to reach for Omega again and she heightens her senses.
Chapter 23 - My fist is only meant to face the strong
Scorpio Sonia and Pisces Amor are defeated, and Haruto made a path for Naxos until he was attacked. His senses make him question Aquarius Hyouga, who accompanied him. Hyouga was none other than Aquarius Tokisada in disguise, who uses memories from his Cloth to mimic techniques. He boasts attacking the Fuji village and overwhelms Haruto, even when the real Hyouga arrives to retaliate.
Chapter 24 - Frozen Smile of Courage
Memories of the Fuji village come to Haruto after he is left helpless against a mimicked Divine Providence, and Hyouga clashes against a simulated Big Bang. Hyouga must use Aurora Execution to stop it; Haruto weakens Tokisada's control over the Big Bang, but at the cost of standing in the way of Hyouga's attack.

Naxos Island and the Four Terrae Part 1

Chapter 25 - The Bookstore and a thick, stoic barrier
Kouga reunites with Ginga and Jorie, old friends of his that run a bookstore on Naxos. After being told where the Demeter Temple is, Kouga departs alone but is confronted by Arion, a stoic guardian of the Mother Goddess. Kouga then enters the first temple, the Garden of Fibers, and faces the first guardian, Loom Pan, who was at Athena's Temple and Shaina's murderer.
Chapter 26 - War of the Weaver
Against Pan, Kouga receives a good battering as he faces both a powerful offense and defense while also inhibited by Arion's Chiton Impulse. The other Bronzes arrive, but the only way to break through her is by fighting together.
Chapter 27 - The stars signal an obstacle
After Pan's defeat, the Bronze enter the Garden of the Stars and meet the second guardian, who owns the Boron Stole and is a familiar face to Kouga. Refusing to persuade Demeter from her goals, Ginga affirms that he is an enemy; Souma, Yuna and Ryuho pass into the third Garden while Kouga and Eden fend off Boron. However, in the third Garden, Maegara guarantees the defeat of all the Bronzes.
Chapter 28 - The Interstellar war of the Hunter
Having amazing speed and universal control of particles, in scale and in power, Boron Ginga is a near invisible foe. Eden takes a large risk fighting alone until Kouga can regain consciousness and revive his Cosmos. It was then Eden realizes the residue of both forces, using it as an advantage for Kouga.
Chapter 29 - Heaven won’t save you?!
In the Garden of Androktasiai, Yuna, Ryuho and Souma struggle against the 3rd Terrae, Swithern Megaera, who has been urging to battle the Saints after Pan's defeat. Showing no mercy, her abilities closes off the Saints' senses and spoil the protective attributes of their Cloths.
Chapter 30 - Light Speed battle! Kouga vs Ginga.
Both Saint and Terrae are parallel in power. However, Ginga can't seem to reach the upper hand and it increases his frustration, which makes him deride Athena. During the battle, he gets flashbacks about his friend Julia Baer, who suffered from a strange sleep illness during the winter.

The Golden Round

Chapter 31 - Hermes's in the hot seat. The Golden Gavotte!
Athena discusses the current situation regarding the Underworld's revival, its leader, and evil activity on Earth, proposing solutions to the Gold Saints. Capricorn Safar and Leo are tasked to investigate active gates to hell, while Shiryu and Seiya are to go to Dodona to meet a prophet. Cancer Hermes and Gemini Integra are late, and after confirming the Limbo state of the dead, Hermes is then put under questioning for his actions.
Chapter 32 - Chained to Hell!? Howling Black, Heroic Silver.
(地獄につないであった? 遠吠えブラック。勇ましいシルバー) In Limbo, a darkness left behind in the Underworld, Seiya and Athena are pulled into a trap by Cancer Hermes. Upon the order of Demeter, the guardian Dark Meadow is sent by Demeter to retrieve Athena and destroy Seiya, but a silver hero arrives to face the Law of the dead. Perseus Mirfak's sudden interference has aided Seiya's escape, while he gloats and battles Dark Meadow.
Chapter 33 - The apex of Dead's Law is me
(冥界の法に従ってオーレはすべてのもの優位に立つ; By Meikai's law, I have the upper hand) Perseus Mirfak struggles against Dark Meadow, having underestimated the World of the Dead. Meanwhile, Athena is brought before Demeter, where she learns that both she and Cancer may end up submitting to Hades. There is a strange man in possession of the Ophiuchus Cloth, who shares the same resent for Athena, who apparently caused the death of Demeter's daughter.
Chapter 34 - Beautiful and Unforgiving
(美しくで容赦ない) Dark Meadow is an ancient monster of the dead. The secret behind his strength was having lived centuries as Hades's guardian, which now takes a human-like form.
Chapter 35 - The Vipers of Barren Island
(バレン島のハブ) On Barren Island, far off the west coast of Andabar Island, a man with amnesia wakes up next to an active volcano and is accompanied by an inquisitive boy. The boy identifies the man as the "legendary phoenix", who was none other than Ikki; dedicated to recovering Ikki's body and soul, the boy--a devotee to Athena--combats a body-snatching spirit.
Chapter 36 - Duel of Rujm el-Hiri
Rujm el-Hiri is an ancient monolith said to be linked to the Underworld, and there are rumors of dead souls rising from there. Tagged along by Crow Johann, Capricorn Safar is sent there to seal it and meets a very formidable foe. The enemy, however, folds easily against Safar's sacred blade
Chapter 37 - Ebony and Emerald
Safar's blade, Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar easily warded off and removed the evil force effused in his enemy, which turned out to be Hell Judge Griffon Minos, who lost his sanity after dying within the Path to Elysium. With the efforts of Crow Johann, Capricorn Safar, and the newly arrived 1st Class Pallasite Titan, Minos's spirit is sent under.
Chapter 38 - A duel with my fellow Brother
(同胞と決闘するんだ) After Libra Shiryu investigated the Sealed Tower of the 108 Specters, he is provoked into a challenge at Rozan Waterfall by none other than Libra Genbu. Against Genbu's techniques, nourished by living in the Realm of Asura, Shiryu shows a strong resilience. Not even Shunrei could placate Genbu, and she watched her husband explode into stardust.
Chapter 39 - Ashura Genbu's Victory?! Shiryu and Shunrei fall into the Dark
(阿修羅の玄武の勝利? ! 紫龍と春麗はやみ道におちいる) Genbu's Seitenha interspersed Shiryu, but the latter desperately clings to life in an attempt to return to the mortal plane. Impressed by his companion's strength, Genbu unleashes a fatal technique by placing Shiryu and Shurei into a black ice prison.
Chapter 40 - Arion vs Hermes? The Mother Goddess regrets a wilting flower
(アリオン対ヘルメース? ! 地母神は萎ちょう病に後悔している) Pisces Amor, the remaining Gold Saint revived by Demeter, confronts the Mother Goddess in hopes to destroy her but to no avail. Arion personally approaches Cancer Hermes to make certain he too doesn't attempt an act of betrayal, but both are stopped by Demeter.
Chapter 41 - The Starwatcher, The Giant, The Witch
(スターウォッチャーと, ギガースと, ウィッチ) Sagittarius Seiya reached Dodona to meet with the arcane Sextans Agatha, who gives the Gold Saint a task to defeat a cursed giant.

Naxos Island and the Four Terrae Part 2

Chapter 42 - Propel, Atomic Arm! The Explosion of Aiolos’s Successor.
(進める、 原子腕! アイオロスの後継者の爆発) Sagittarius succeeds in defeating the cursed thousand-arm giant Hecaton, partnered by the Specter Impundulu Gunnar, who was not at full strength due to Hades still under recuperation. Back at Naxos, Dragon Ryuho struggles against Swithen Megaera. Confident in her tremendous strength, and her temple containing control over the living, Megaera gloats about how she is responsible for killing various Saints under Demeter's command. Yuna nad Souma are petrified on the temple wall, nearly sucked of their life force.
Chapter 43 - Calmness? Hatred? Ryuho finds death's wounds
(生穏やかさか 憎悪か? 龍峰は死の傷を見つける) Ryuho uses his original technique Ranbu SenUnRin to calm Meg. but he still struggles against her offense. It was due to the 3rd Garden's hidden crevice leading to the Underworld, and Meg's technique Grove of the Dead, which caused his senses and powers to falter. Desperately, Ryuho uses Tomoe Jindaiko Ken, which froze his opponent.
Chapter 44 - The diamond torturer of Tartarus!? Megaera’s burning resent!
(タルタロスのダイヤモンド拷問者!? メグの激しい憤慨) Megaera, who showed an unabating anger, suddenly began to shed tears after being hit by Jindaiko ken, and began uttering nonsense. Her Stole fell off her and she exploded in fury, overpowering Ryuho. Attacked by Alecto Fire, was the young Dragon Saint about to meet his death?
Chapter 45 - The Four Visions of Beauty
(4つの美のヴィジョン) Sinking towards Limbo, where death awaits him, Ryuho hears the voices of the dead that assist him in defying Megaera. He returns to the living, surrounded by the spirits of the Dragon Saints from the past, including his father Shiryu, and wearing the Dragon God Cloth. Megaera's reaction to Ryuho and the spirits' attacks was beyond her expectations.

Chapter 46 - The Furious Omni-Directional Attack
After his battle, Ryuho is out for the count, and four Bronze Saints remain to charge towards the 4th Garden of Horae, where they are immediately attacked by a multi-target Chthon Impulse: The technique of Demeter's finest guardian, Arion. Despite ther inhibited Cosmos, they attack Arion with martial efficiency.
Chapter 47 - ?
chapter 48 - ?

Back to Hell

Kurumada's interpretation of Meikai (hell) ruled by Hades. Includes the Sanzu River, Cocotyus and Blood Waterfall



Episode Lunatic Dream
(エピソードルナティックドリーム EPLD) A short, alternative narrative reflecting a competition with Eugene Daglis, the new vessel of the war god Ares. Eugene aims to create The Iron Pit, a tournament that would surpass the Galaxan Wars. Its depicted as "brutal" as many of the Gold Saints, including some mentioned in Seiya Omega and DAWN OF END, are devastated against Ares. Athena is also described as being killed, waking up in horror from a dream.