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This is a list of fictional characters from the fanfiction, Howl of Gray Wolf and its sequel Tiger of Freedom, developed by Master Gray Wolf. The Monster Rancher/Farm series is owned by NAMCO.


Gray Wolf and Team

After his pack was destroyed, Gray Wolf sets out on a journey of revenge and gathers a group of monsters with the same goal.

Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf is a three-year-old Tiger superbreed. He was the leader of a pack of Tigers until a confrontation with a dragon changed his fate. He is brave, but can be a hothead and reckless. He deeply loves his pack and abides to loyalty.
Tiger is Gray Wolf's newly born brother. Personality is very brave and cheerful, and he loves his family, but in the dawn of his birth he quickly learns the unfortunate aspects of monster life. He witnesses the death of his pack but willingly stands by his brother's side on his journey for revenge.
Mocchi is a cute and optimistic monster who sometimes ends his sentences with "chi". Based on sakuramochi. He aids Gray Wolf and Tiger after Jesvah started attacking them.
Young and dynamic, Hopper joins Gray Wolf to fight for his family, who cowers from the dragon forces underground.
Basilisk & Tyrant
Basilisk and Tyrant are a pair of friends, a zuum and golem respectively, who met Gray Wolf while traveling. Basilisk is extremely hot-headed and harbors a deep resent for one particular dragon.
A new monster of the Remake. A Ducken that enjoys toys; one of Julio's monsters.
(不知火) A new monster of the Remake. He is a Zan and was ordered by his owner to help Gray Wolf fight the Dragon Forces.
A legendary monster.
One of the legendary Holy monsters. In the games, the Gali personifies God and sealed the monsters into disks. In the fiction series, aside from the God Gali, unlocked and/or wandering Gali are considered to be avatars of angels.
Appears in Tiger of Freedom. He is proud and just, but is mostly a loner. Was under the tutelage of a Durahan.

Monsters of Sun / Other Allies

Power D | Speed B | Stamina E | Mind-Spirit B
(グールシャイン) A Balon (Tiger/Gali), an emissary of Gali. Speed and evasion, accuracy, and intel attacks are high. In time of crisis where nigrum grows, Ghoulshine searches for and assists the monsters not affected by it.
Power D | Speed D | Stamina A | Mind-Spirit C
AKA: Monolith (モノリス) in Japan. A black tabular monster inspired by the sentient machines of Arthur Clarke's Space Odyssey[2]. They existed since ancient times, serving the god monsters on both the good and evil side. The one known by Ghoulshine serves as a phophet. They have high defense.
Pel is Hopper's older sister. She often worries over him.
Power D | Speed D | Stamina A | Mind-Spirit D
(ナイトン; naiton) Shy monsters that often hide in their adamant-like shells, but were dragged into monster war against their will. They fear Undine and Zilla.
Power B | Speed D | Stamina B | Mind-Spirit C
(レシオネ; reshione) Playful monsters based on the Loch Ness. Lives long and are popular like children. During the sea crises, they hide from the wicked monsters unless the humans are in danger.


A variety of the human characters have appeared the Monster Rancher game series.

Fourteen years old FIMBA breeder; RANK 1 in Hu-mon Agency. One of her monsters is Suezo, who serves as an INT coach.
Twelve years old member of Hu-mon Agency, JUNIOR rank. He originates from the game "Monster Rancher Advance 2". Hunter is from the same mountain village as Jesvah. His monster is a Garu.

Fleria from MR3 game

(フレリア; fureria) Character debuts in Monster Rancher 3. A little girl who is Tobias's sister. She is somewhat bossy, but has a strong attachment to monsters. In fact, knowledge of monsters is abundant. She wants to grow up to be a breeder. 5 years old.
Original character. Characteristics are his blue hair and red scarf. He is considered a hero trainer. His attachment to monsters are very strong and he bravely challenges the dragon forces. Sometimes called Tobi.
Real name: Colita. A breeder trainer from IMa continent.
(ガダモン) Originated from Monster Rancher 3. In the fiction, she is Tobias's adopted sister. A hot-head, she wants to challenge Tobias and eventually Ragnoroks.
(ミティア) A good-natured villager from the Islands. She is a breeder and a close friend of Fleria.
Aroma & Zest[5]
(アロマ & ゼスト) Siblings. 17 years old and 22 years old respectively. They are breeder aides.

Volzoi/Bolzoi from MR Advance.

(ボルゾィ) Also called Bolzoi or Borzoi. Current manager of The Islands breeder program after his predecessor became ill. 26 years old. Strict and nearly anti-social, he seems unfriendly. Also, he doesn't like unrighteous acts. He is active in information gathering. Engages dragon hunter program. In Monster Rancher Advance games, he is in charge of AGIMA's Monster Reproduction machines.
(マードック) Former manager of Islands breeder program. 48 years old. He loves exploration, mild-mannered and curious old man. He is respected for his high knowledge. He puts a lot of trust in Volzoi, and depends on him to lead the breeder program. In Monster Rancher Advance games, he is the chairman of AGIMA, the AGE Island Monster Association.

Giulio of Circus Caravan/MR5

(ジュリオ) Wandering breeder from the islands. From Orcoro village. 15 years old. He can play an accordion and can train more than one monster using his "Circus carts". Bring a pro breeder is his dream. Monsters are Ducken, Colorpandora, and Hare. Giulio is from Monster Rancher 5: Circus Caravan; also called Monster Rancher EVO.

Rosso from MRDS2

(ロッソ) Mail carrier and breeder from the Islands. A mysterious aspect and is frank, but is a good young man. Rosso appears in the Monster Rancher DS series; his appearance differs in both games.
(カヌート; Kanūto) An ancestor of the Island humans, given the title "The Emperor" for his amazing breeder skills. His monster is Cathedral, and it was said he had battled many evil monsters. He is a highly esteemed figure. Also called Cnut.


Moo & Dragon Four Generals

Also known as the MGVD – 1 or the Magnus Void Type 1. A superbreed dragon who caused the Ancient War.
Purebred Dragon. Formerly owned by human breeders, Jesvah was a tournament champion until he became a commander in the nigrum movement.
Techno Dragon
Dragon/Monol. An evil dragon known for his power and terrorism.

Evil Monsters and Captains

Power D | Speed D | Stamina C | Mind-Spirit E
(ディノ) Popular common monsters and has balanced abilities, it's a regular foot soldier.
Well-balanced dino monster of the IMA continent. Like dino, a regular foot soldier. Called a Roadrunner (ロードランナー; rōdorannā) in Japan.
Power C | Speed E | Stamina B | Mind-Spirit C
(ロベニール; robenīru) Black Worm (Worm/Monol). He terrorized Hopper's village. Balanced abilities except in evasion; has a lot of durability. Has a very dry character. Based on the same Monster Rancher 2 character from the Official B-rank tournament.
Power B | Speed B | Stamina C | Mind-Spirit D
(リキエル; rikieru) A Prince Hare (Hare/Gali) that leads Hare forces. Known for chivalry, he boasts high power and speed. It is ashamed of the gas attack. His signature attack is his Straight or Forefist (正拳, seiken), thus he is called the Cross King. He's been perfecting his power style to fight evil, and was a friend of Mocchi. Based on the same Monster Rancher 2 character from the Official B-rank tournament.
Power B | Speed C | Stamina B | Mind-Spirit D
(ナーガ) A snake-like monster with a lot of power and durability, they are in competition with the zuum and dinos. They practice the "sandbag" technique -- while not good in evasion, they hit hard and fast against their opponent. Most of the Naga work for Jesvah.
Jaggernaut & Sneak Hopper
Power B | Speed C | Stamina B | Mind-Spirit D (Jagger)
Power C | Speed B | Stamina E | Mind-Spirit D (Sneak)
(ジャガーノート & ワイロ; jyaganōto & wairo) Elite squads of wicked B-rank monsters that serve Diabolos. In Japan, Sneak Hopper is called a Wairo (賄賂), which means "bribe". Both have a Joker subbreed; Jaggernaut is a Beaclon type and Sneak is a Hopper type. Jaggernaut's accuracy increases due to its sub-breed. Together, they form a formidable offensive and defensive force.
Power: B | Speed: B | Stamina: D | Mind-Spirit: B
(シカリ) A two-year old Gitan[13]. Gitans excel in power, speed, accuracy, and intelligence.
Power: B | Speed: C | Stamina: B | Mind-Spirit: D
(嘯風) An Antlan[14] with a just heart. However, it's his passion to vanquish evil that turns him. He wears a red scarf. While the Kanji are different in his name, Shippu usually means "a gale" (疾風). Antlans excel the best in power and defense.
Rouge, Rafflesia, and Tiravail
Power C | Speed B | Stamina C | Mind-Spirit A (Rouge)
Power ? | Speed ? | Stamina ? | Mind-Spirit ? (Raff)
Power D | Speed C | Stamina C | Mind-Spirit C (Tira)
A trio of Plants. Plant monsters have long lifespans. These trio of plants are led by Rouge (ルージュ; rūju) the Plant/Pixie (Queen Plant); Rafflesia (ラフレシア) is Plant/Naga (Weed); Tiravail (チラベール; chirabēru) is Plant/Suezo (Usaba). Rogue and Tiravail are tournament opponents from Monster Rancher 2. In MR2, it's stated that the Queen Plant is considered the strongest monster in FIMBA. Rouge means "red" in French.
Power A | Speed D | Stamina A | Mind-Spirit D
(ゴートレック; gōtorekku) A Zilla. Sea Forces General. Based on the same Monster Rancher 2 character from the Official A-rank tournament.
Power E | Speed B | Stamina D | Mind-Spirit B
(ウンディーネ; undīne) A so-called water wraith. She is replaced by Goatrek as the ruler of the sea and its monsters. She uses intimidation and coercion to get others to be loyal to her. Undine makes its debut in Monster Rancher 2 as unlockable monster.
Power C | Speed C | Stamina D | Mind-Spirit C
(ヘンガー; hengā) Ancient fighting machines developed by humans that contain the souls of sealed monsters. Makes its debut in Monster Rancher 1 as unlockable monster.
Power A | Speed B | Stamina C | Mind-Spirit B
(ザグレフ; zagurefu) A Salamander (Zuum/Dragon). A pro captain of Zuum forces; he defeated the Dino Captain to take control of both reptilian forces. He has intense physical power. Serves Ragnoroks. Based on the same Monster Rancher 2 character from the Official S-rank tournament.
Power B | Speed B | Stamina C | Mind-Spirit B
(プロメテウス; purometeusu) A Garlant (Henger/Dragon). The so-called "Champion of Fire". He was re-activated to serve Techno Dragon as the Machine Forces captain. Excels in power, accuracy and intelligence attacks. Based on the same Monster Rancher 2 character from the Official S-rank tournament.

Dark Gods & Five Warriors

Main article: The Dark Gods

The Dark Gods and their subordinates, "The Five Warriors" appear in Tiger of Freedom. They are legendary monsters who are divine much like Gali, but represent the atrocious experiences of nature or the side of wrong.

Other Characters/Groups

Gray Wolf's Pack
Gray Wolf's pack consist of Daton (Tiger/Pixie), Datonare (Tiger/Zuum), Tropical Dog (Tiger/Plant), Toto (Tiger/Golem), and JagdHound (Tiger/Worm). Each one followed Gray with unshakable loyalty, looking up to him like an elder brother. Daton are stubborn, analytic, strong-willed when it wants to be; Jadg is said to have the strongest bite out of the pack because of his jagged jaws; Tropical is said to be the wisest pack member and serves as a close advisor to Gray Wolf. The pack sans Gray Wolf and the newborn Tiger was killed by Jesvah.
Wildsaurian & Wild Pack
Wildsaurian was the father of Basilisk, and the leader of a prominent Zuum pack. While a considerate leader, he was serious about survival of the fittest and prefers to avoid the activity of humans. He and the rest of his pack, sans Basilisk, were murdered by Diabolos and the Jaggernaut forces. In Japan, Wildsaurian is called Juras (ジュラス; jurasu), possibly inspired by Gojira (Godzilla). In the games, a Wildsaurian has an unknown sub-breed; in this fic, he would be considered a Superbreed.
Hopper's Family/Hoppers of Leap Forest
Along with a Garu family, Hopper and his family live in a subterranean village under Leap Forest. Pel is Hopper's sister; nicknamed "Chief", an old hopper is the leader of the village. Hopper's father is Sprintan. The Garu were wiped out after they tried to rebel against Robeneal.
Sir Mocchi and The Altars
Sir Mocchi is Mocchi's deceased father, a Knight Mocchi (Mocchi/Durahan). In Japan, he's called Yoroi Mocchi (ヨロイモッチー); in Japanese, yoroi (鎧 or 甲) means "armor". The Altars were his disbanded group lived near the ruins of Reno. They were followers of the monster of light, Zenon. Members are: Sicarii (Gitan), Seiren (Raiden) Mew-Cakes (Mew or Nya), Madillo, Shippu (Antlan), Falco and Liquel (Hare/Gali). Liquel, Sicarii and Shippu became members of the Dragon Forces.

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