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This Legend of Zelda fic does not have an official title, but is based on Breath of the Wild with mecha weapons. It may be a full chapter covering a "final assault" in outer space. Article was created July 2019, inspired by Legend of Zelda Original Novel, where a digest version was created.

In September 2020, the story was titled The Astral Requiem (星のレクイエム), and while a one-shot digest version was planned, samples were submitted to Archive of our Own.


After Hyrule faces a cataclysmic disaster, Ganon's strength reaches space and a dark empire is gathered. Malice vs sheikah technology, a war has been waging in space. It's also a mission to disable the corrupted guardians and its suggested by Hyrule royalty that flight is a necessary within the new man-driven mechs.


The routine protagonist considered the "Hero of the Master Sword". Relatively quiet with a strong sense of duty. During the final assault against Ganon's strongest army, he grows feelings for his companions.
Princess of the Hyrule Alliance Fleet. She is at the head of the anti-Ganon space force and gathered the Champions to pilot powerful machines to stop him.
Head of the Imperial Calamity Monarch; his hatred of the Chosen Hero and the Hylian Princess grows every generation. Sealed in Hyrule, his power reached even outer space and he eats planets to grow power, becoming an energy source for his fleet. Still, the Hero would only get in his way towards his home planet...
"I don't intend on being your shadow." Rito champion, and Link's rival. Over confident and disliking conformism to legends, he is often provocative towards Link. He pilots a swift, interchaangable mech with shooting/sniping armament. Its main armament, Eagle Bow, can fire far distance and has serrated curved limbs for close range.
The Zora Champion and childhood friend of Link. She is very gentle, soft-spoken and caring. Inspired by Link and his courage, she wishes to take action during the battle before there are any regrets. Her machine wields a trident and has the ability to freeze and manipulate the interstellar medium, including breathable bubblese[1].
The Goron champion; he calls Link "Little brother" (or "little guy") and sees everyone as family. Mood maker and contains a lot of empathy, especially for the suffering of others. His machine can create a barrier or transfer its power to another; also, great physical strength and defense type.
Gerudo champion. A mother-like figure to Zelda and swore to return honor to Gerudo, while concerned for Zelda's feelings. She berated Link and Revali's fighting. Her machine wields a serrated blade and capable of both ranged and point-defense lightning attacks effortlessly.


Ganon's Demons
Mid-sized organic machines with exceptional abilities. They are morphed and powered by nano-malice and Ganon's spirit. Thus, their elemental abilities are called "Blight". They fly through vacuum and atmosphere with ease. Many of Ganon's minions fear taking seat in them.

Thunder, Fire, Water, Wind.

Link's machine - Goddess Hero
Image color is green?? A balanced, winged type capable of good vernier movement and both close and ranged ability, emphasis on the former. Also a shield. Wields a sword replicate of the Master Sword.
Revali's machine - Gale Valo
Image color is dark blue. Transforms. capable of great movement with strong wings that can cut on impact. Its main armament is the Eagle Bow that can fire swift arrows with max effect in wither atmosphere and vacuum; also called the Blue Gale.
Urbosa's machine - Storm Nabooru
Image color is ???. Short wings and a mane; bipedal. Capable of good maneuverability and has an arm shield. Formerly called Storm Scimitar; she also named it The Exalted Arbiter and The Exalted Nabooru.
Daruk's Machine - Ignus Darr
Image color is light brown. Has polygonal armor pieces with various verniers, capable of great defense. Uses a chain to transfer energy to others and has a strong barrier that can defend against various attacks, even some of the hottest atmosphere layers. Formerly called Fort Boulder.
Mipha Machine - Saph Rutela
A light blue (?) light-weight machine that uses a spear. Also called Grace Trident.
Goddess Mantle
Zelda's main mothership vessel/flagship. Many times it's just called the Mantle and has a curled upper form that folds over an orb, which can fire a large beam or create a shield. It has the symbol of Hylia inside of it.

Comparisons to Era of the Wilds

This takes place during the Calamity, 100 years before the game takes place. During that time, a great tragedy befell Hyrule and the Champions lost their lives when Calamity Ganon took control of the Guardians and the Divine Beast. Link was placed into the Slumber of Restoration.

In Astral Requiem, Ganon's Resurrection relatively happens the same way. The assault on Hyrule Castle ends the life of King Hyrule, by an amorphous form of Ganon; Zelda and Link escape the castle through underground docks and rails, known to the Goddess's clan, and they head south. The Champions also survive their battles against Ganon's Phantoms, but at the expense of the Divine Beasts and grave injuries. All rendezvous at the Shrine of Resurrection where they heal and are introduced to the Armada.

There are many casualties at Akkala Citadel, but the guardians may engage the guardian army there as their first sortie.

The Guardians lose their lives in a space battle against Ganon, but triumph against him while helping Link and Zelda.