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Leaping Monkey (飛猿; 跳ぶ猿) is a single-chapter story of the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle. Also called Jumping Monkey; created August 2011 and finished July 2012. The title is based on Sasuke's surname.



A character sketch or introduction. Jumping Monkey is an amateur adaptation of the popular Tachikawa story of Sasuke, particularly the first meeting between the main characters. Sasuke himself was not trained in the village of Koga, but by a master. It is not a transcription because MGW is unable to find Japanese text from Tachikawa. An English summary/short story can be found on Winjutsu.

Story Synopsis

The Character Scroll is about Sasuke's beginnings. His child name is Kokichi, and he is an orphan living at the base of Togakushi Mountains with monkeys.

It is Tenshō era 14th year (1586). The beginnings of the orphan Sasuke Sarutobi. Takeda adviser Hakuunsai Tozawa takes him as a student. During a struggling hike on Torii Pass, Tozawa met Sasuke at Togakushi and is surprised by his determination to become a swordsman.


Hakuunsai Tozawa
An elderly traveler.
Sasuke Sarutobi / Kokichi
An orphan who trains to become a strong swordsman. He is an impetuous boy. 10 years old.


  • Sugi
  • Hokora
  • Bokken
  • Ankoku toshi jutsu
(烏帽子) A tall, standing hat. Often worn by priest or adults to signify post-Gempuku. Common in a court noble.