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Kotarou Shindo[1] (新堂 小太郎) was an Iga ninja during Japan's Sengoku Jidai.


Kotaro's name is mentioned in Bansenshukai as one of the Eleven Ninja, and he seemed to have frightened each province with his ninjutsu. He is from Ayama. Aside from this, there is little to no information on Shindo.

In Seishin (Pure Heart)

Serving Fujibayashi Family, he is specialized in throwing rocks and bombs. Also wears imported glasses that he found in an castle or it was given to him by someone. Also, an instructor of building castles and temples. May be born in 1533. A notable member of the Iga Sokoku Ikki.

Fictional family member Kosuke Shindo (新堂 光助) appears in The Follower from Mibuno, the possible son of Kotaro.

Ninja Parameters

  • Ninjutsu - 4
  • Knowledge - 4
  • Battle Ability - 4
  • Heart – 4
  • Propelling – 5
  • Motor Nerves – 2

Skills and Talents

Kotaro is specialized in rocks and bombs.

War Record