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The Kōsei (甲西氏) is a fictional family in Koka (Koga) district. It appears in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


The Unno (海野), one of the "Shigeno Three Houses" (滋野三家) with Nezu and Mochizuki, founded this family. Neighbors living in the Koga District, they served Unno and had a dealing with fighting Takeda. For conciliation, the father's daughter ends up marrying within the Kousaka. They end up serving Kousaka through Tsunasuga and his father.

Kosei Town is in Koga District[1], and means "West Koga". It is the home of Zensui-ji (善水寺), a temple located in Mt. Iwane (岩根山). It houses the Buddha Bhaisajyaguru (薬師; Yakushi in Japan) of medicine and healing. Located around the same area in Mt. Aboshi (阿星山) is Joraku-ji (常楽寺) and Choju-ji (長寿寺). Together, the three are called Konansan-zan (湖南三山; Mt of 3 Konan). Both are Tendai Buddhist Temples. Konan is a city in Shiga Prefecture.

Family Members

Tsunasuga Kōsei
(綱日) Notable servant of Kyoshirou Kousaka. The Kōsaka Family was a branch of the Nezu Family, one of the Three Shigeno.


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