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Shimotsuge no Kizaru (下柘植ノ木猿) and Shimotsuge no Kozaru (下柘植ノ小猿) were ninja during Feudal Japan. Also, they were two of the Eleven Ninja. They appear in the fiction Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle as twin brothers.

Creation and Concept

Not much is known about these two figures except that they are a part of the famous Eleven Ninja of Iga, are low-ranked genin, and that they are good at hiding in trees. Therefore, they are given high mobility and enjoy heights. Kizaru means "tree monkey", and his real name is apparently Sasuke Kōzuki (上月 佐助). Also, he is possibly the motif of folklore character Sasuke Sarutobi. Kozaru means "little monkey".


While serious about his duties, the older brother Kizaru likes to form traps and apply fear, even if joking. He has pride in his animal masks. The younger brother Kozaru is an earnest aesthetic; to make himself look like an animal, Kozaru decided to grow his hair and nails, and craft his clothes with leather and hair. Both are highly confident in their abilities; they are somewhat untrammeled in the speech, inconsiderate of rank, but help those in need.


The twins are often employed on surveillance missions, praised for their tracking and escaping talent. They even gained a lot of trust from Tanba Momochi.


  • Ninjutsu - 4
  • Knowledge - 4
  • Battle Ability - 3
  • Heart – 3
  • Swimming (Kizaru) – 5
  • Being Prompt (Kozaru) – 2
  • Jumping - 4 (Kizaru)
  • Silk Hunter - 4 (Kozaru)
Vocal imitation of animals. Uses tekagi-shuko (手かぎ手虎), which are claw weapons attached to the hands. Likes to walk on four limbs and is said to be the most nimble. It is an apparent legend that Kizaru can jump so far and high that it he looked like he was flying. Futhermore, utilization animal masks puts emphasis on his animal imitation. One could say that between the two, he is the best with gosha (psychological tactics).
Mokuton/Kiton (木遁 tree war), which is one of the arts of hiding in geographical areas. Uses tekagi-shuko (手かぎ手虎), which are claw weapons attached to the hands. Also, having immersed himself in wildlife for a long time alone, he has developed shrewd hearing. This practice has also led him to train in camouflage. Vocal imitation of animals is, but is said to be the best of it, especially when it come to dogs.


Three Grand Jōnin
As members of a negotiative family, the twins work with Hanzo, Fujibiyashi and Momochi in many situations
Hajime Tsukimori
Created tension with him for taunting Ryo Tsukimori.
Kozaru likes to go hunting and fishing with him.