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The Kankyōshi Competition (間郷士競争; kankyōshi kyōsō), sometimes Kangōshi, and the Shinkei (辰競; Dragon contend) is a fictional annual competition in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle. Details are in the works.


  • The onyomi of kan (間) is also used in Kazama/Fuuma, which in a different meaning can mean "demon". It is also used in kanshi (間士), another word used to refer to ninja. Kyō is onyomi reading for "rural" and is seen in another word used to refer to ninja, "kyōdan" (郷談). Shi means warrior, but is also seen in "kyōshi".
  • Shinkei: Shin (辰) means the 5th of the 12 Animal Zodiac.
  • Starts on the 3rd month (the peak of Spring; called "peach month" or jingzhe); said to be the start of the Dragon months.
  • Serves as a spectator sport for invited daimyo. They come to see ninja demonstrate their skill in order to appeal to potential clients.
  • Also aids in the search for marriage candidates.