4th Dec, 1547 (Tenbun/Tenmon 16, Iga Province)



Ryō Tsukimori, Shoutarou Tsukimori



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Kai (魁) or Mibuno Kai (壬生野 魁) is a fictional ninja character from the online series Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


Creation and ConceptEdit

Kai was designed to be a close retainer of Shoutaro as he grows into adulthood, plus to look into the system of ninja who are not in the gentry class. This is to show that the Tsukimori family are very welcoming. Being a farmer, Kai often wears a sugegasa (菅笠).

On a trivial note, Kai has the same b-day as Japanese comedian Atsushi Tamura. Kai's name means "chief", "best", "the forerunner".


As a farmer, Kai understands the protocol of loyalty and hard work.

Ninja ParametersEdit

  • Ninjutsu - 2
  • Knowledge - 2
  • Battle Ability - 2
  • Heart – 4
  • Misc
  • Misc

Skills and TalentsEdit

Kai is an innin (陰忍) whose best skill is in physical momentum.

Bojutsu and Kiaijutsu
N/A. Kai has a strong will to learn.

Seishin StoryEdit


Kai was born in a village of Mibuno region, northwestern Iga District, to a family of peasants who served as ashigaru. Around the time of birth, the skills of the Ninja were in high demand for the Matsudaira Family, who were defending their home province of Mikawa from the Oda Family.

His grandfather enlisted under the Matsudaira Family and died during a campaign against Nobuhide Oda, when his forces advanced into Mikawa Province to face Suruga Warlord Imagawa Yoshimoto.

The reputation of Kai's family was somewhat high, but Kai's father fell out of favor with the Matsudaira Daimyo due to being the second son and "less skilled". He also lost in arm in a battle; he would stay in Iga to retire as a farmer and to see that his children become ninja. Kai has been selected for advanced genin training after finishing the fundamentals.

  • Kai and his family caught the interest of the Fujubayashi Family, Sawamura Family, and the Tsukimori Family, as they all became interested in utilizing the peasant class.
  • 1557: ?
  • 1665: Instead of Sawamura, he joins Tsukimori.

War RecordEdit

Story AppearancesEdit



Siblings (Hana)
Hana (花) is his baby sister who became a servant of Tanba Momochi.
Parents (Takaji and ???)
Father is called Takaji the Kataude (one arm); he fought for the Matsudaira with a spear.
Uncle. He is (was?) selected as a vassal for the Matsudaira/Tokugawa. Possibly gifted a high-classed name.


Tsukimori Family (Shoutarou, Ryō, ???, ???)
Shoutarou is Kai's devotee figure.