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Jesvah (ジェスヴァー) is a character from the fanfic Howl of Gray Wolf. His monster type is a purebred Dragon.



In the old version of HoGw, the character was named Jespah. His new name is apparently from the Turkish word of Ibrik, which is a pot designed to make Turkish coffee. Jesve is another spelling. While his role as the one to incite Gray Wolf into revenge remained unchanged, Jesvah's appearance and background were considerably less in the old version.

Howl of Gray Wolf

First Version
Named "Jespah", the dragon killed Gray Wolf's pack using his dino forces. During their second meet in a destroyed village, Jespah considerably struggled against Gray Wolf and was punished by death. Afterwards, Moo faced and nearly killed Gray Wolf.
Jesvah was born in January (Winter), Year 802. Raised in the same mountain village as Hunter, he won the Official FIMBA B-rank tournament and became a worldwide name. Jesvah is the first dragon Gray Wolf encounters, who he met in the Winter of 803 (months before the start of Howl of Gray Wolf). He is whimsical; with composure, the dragon can disparage anyone because he is highly confident in his ability. He also knows that provocation is a great weapon.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: B
  • Speed: D
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): C
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): C


  • Claw and Bite
  • Tail Attack
  • Wing Attack
  • Flutter
  • Fire Breath

A former trainer monster, Jesvah's physical power is expectantly high and so are his defense and energy power. To attain his victory in B-rank tourney, he focused mainly on the might of his physical attacks.


Gray Wolf & Tiger
Jesvah is Gray Wolf's nemesis, and the reason why Gray has began his quest.
A boy that lived in the same village as Jesvah.


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